Porsha Fed up with Kenya, Claudia & Cynthia

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams was pretty much tagged team by Cynthia Bailey, Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore during the reunion for season seven, and she made it clear that she’s fed up with all three because she feels like they are trying to assassinate her character.

She tells OK! Magazine:

“Them trying to continue this lie about an African Prince I just could not stand. I hated that. Kenya and Claudia and Cynthia made it their business to repeat that the entire season so I did not like that at all. Kenya has been known to be in relationships with married African men and receive gifts from them and here I am doing well on my own after my divorce. It’s what women do. They reflect what’s negative about them onto someone else and decide whoever can scream the loudest, if we all gang up, maybe we can get people to believe it. So that was them trying to assassinate my character.”


          1. Y’all keep trying to shade Porsha but she was able to get a legitimate radio career just one season into RHOA. Kenya’s acting career was always a flop so she had to do RHOA to get back in the spotlight. And Porsha is still doing better than her because all Kenya’s projects are just fluff and storyline material.

          2. Well that Dumbo has accomplished more than Kenya has in the last 20 years. Kenya had a platform with Miss USA and did absolutely nothing to get ahead with it. But yet she is on the show with people like Porsha and Nene who didn’t have the platform she had and they have bigger brands than her. Kenya is just now trying to build a brand off of RHOA she is just now coming out with hair products and trying to produce shows. I’m so sick of y’all making excuses for Kenya being an underachiever because that’s exactly what she is an underachiever. Miss USA huh how can you be proud to be that when you have resorted to being a messy reality star just like any other person to get ahead.

          3. But y’all have been pressed since she dragged your fave on the floor at the reunion.

      1. She and Nene come for people all the time. So when they stand up that it is a problem. Double standard

    1. i dont believe porsha. she makes sure to have no comebacks in person so that they wont reveal further proof.

      1. Yeah but Claudia’s hoe past is all over the blogs and was reported years before she got on RHOA. We knew relatively nothing about Porsha, and as much as Kenya and Claudia like to lie I don’t get why any sane person would believe them without receipts (especially when there are receipts on Claudia and Kenya). I think Porsha doesn’t argue with them too much about it because the last time she got angry during an argument, Kenya was dragged on the floor by her hair pieces. It’s taking everything in Porsha not to do that again.

        1. I’m still waiting on Kenya’s past with a drug dealer being brought up…she was f-cking for bags years before Porsha was.

  1. The crazy thing is Claudia broke up a marriage. She really needs to shut up on the whole sleeping with married men bit. Her track record is worse. I’m surprised no one has called her out on it yet.

  2. Team Twirl needs to believe Porsha sleeps with married men because they couldn’t come up with a good excuse for why Kenya was hanging around that married man and flirting with Apollo.

  3. Of course the no storyline sisters are coming after Porsha because they feel like she is the weak link. Kenya is still mad for getting a much deserved dragging, Claudia needs the airtime, Cynthia needs to keep her messy persona up to keep her and Peter’s peach safe. None of them have any right to really talk about Porsha, Claudia been a whore that’s well known and Kenya was caught at Harvard with a married man and these are the women trying to slut shame Porsha.

  4. F-ck all three of em. You can tell Claudia is one of Carlos’ a-s kissers because her dirt never gets discussed on the show. Now had the playing field been fair, someone would have bought up Tom Joyner, how her ex husband said she f-cked him to get a part in a music video, and those text messages out there where Claudia cursed some dude out and told him she aborted his baby because he doesn’t make enough money for her. And Kenya was actually photographed with a married man at the same time she was bragging on some f-cking African Prince. These b-tches are lucky they were on the right team this season because they ain’t sh-t and should have been called out a long time ago.


    1. The f-ck are you talking about. None of them can sue each other while they are on the show. It’s in their f-cking contracts. So of course she’s not going to sue. F-ck.

      1. That’s why I laughed so hard when Claudia was daring her to sue. She knows Porsha can’t sue right now. Just like NeNe can’t do more than those cease and desist letters. You can’t sue anyone until your contract is over.

    2. That’s funny because I live in Atlanta and I’ve heard nothing except the lies invented by Kenya’s stans. It’s funny none of these lies came to light until Kenya was dragged on the floor at the reunion. There are pictures of Kenya with a married man and we actually saw her flirt with Apollo with our own eyes. Where’s the proof on Porsha? Her bags? Shoes? Car? Porsha can afford to buy things. She actually has a real job outside of RHOA. Y’all need to find some new talking points.

  6. Everyone Atlanta knows what the deal is so let’s not play dump please her and her sister getting down boo with rich men. And that’s a Fact yes she is doing good on her own but she is doing EXTRA FOR THAT LIFE AND KEEP IT. NO HATE BUT KEEP IT 100%

    1. This is UB, we live for messiness. Just say you have no proof and call it a day sis. You have nothing.

  7. I still say Kenya and Claudia need a story lines to stay on the show because they don’t and have not ever had the title of real housewife their title is real drama of Alanta

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