Tameka Raymond Calls out Usher

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond claimed in a recent interview that she is now on pretty good terms with her ex-husband Usher, and she also claimed she’s happy about him now being engaged to his longtime love Grace Miguel.

However, she’s not happy with Usher’s new lyrics in his feature on Rico Love’s new track, “Somebody Else (Remix).”

On the track, Usher sings:

“I’m really hoping she finds somebody else…It don’t get better til you try somebody else. She be all into the drama, when I just want us to be close….She all ’bout the commotion, I swear she got a heart of stone. Can’t turn back time…I can’t right those wrongs…But at least inside her mind, it’s like I’m the only one …”


Tameka believes the lyrics are about her, so she tweeted the following:

tameka raymond twitter

Check out the song below:


  1. She has a point but people will bash her anyway because they never liked her. Meanwhile they adore his light skinned, home wrecking fiancee.

  2. Usher has had fans for many years and they will always side with him when it comes to Tameka. She’s just going to have to understand that.

    1. Yeah but sometimes you just get fed up. Usher has done Tameka so dirty and he doesn’t get dragged for it. Instead people drag Tameka. The man slept with her bridesmaids. He ain’t innocent.

  3. She’s right TBH. Anytime she brings up Usher, people tell her to stop being bitter and move on. But Usher can shade her in his award speeches, interviews, music etc. and no one says anything like that about him. I think it mainly shows that women are harder on other women and tend to give men more passes.

    1. Because a lot of silly females think being bitter is a trait exclusive to women. They have so much to learn.

    2. I don’t even like Tameka like that but you told no lies. That’s how it goes though. Rarely are men ever called bitter. But it’s the first label black women get when start speaking up for ourselves.

  4. Hmm it does sound like he’s singing about her. It will be interesting to see how he acts when she does move on and find someone else. It’s always the men who talk the most mess about wanting their exes to move on who get in their feelings when they actually do.

  5. He’s always telling her to move on but why keep addressing her if he’s about to be married to someone else? He needs to move on too.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I think Usher is just as petty as Tameka. But his star power makes it seem like that’s not the case.

  6. I never got all the Tameka hate. Grace is just another Tameka. Just light skinned. She manages him and everything. He likes older women who can act like his momma.

  7. Usher’s such a b*itch, that’s why I don’t support anything he does. He’s just mad becuz alot of people lost respect for his punk a$$ during that custody stuff.

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