Porsha Williams Comes for Cynthia’s Wig (Literally)

Photo Credit: E!
Photo Credit: E!

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams has gotten serious about expanding her brand in television and radio, and the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took her hilarious commentary with her for her guest appearance on RuPaul’s “Good Work” on E!

During her appearance, Porsha chatted it up about beefing with Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey in season seven, but she managed to throw Cynthia some shade when she said she would love to share her hair line “Go Naked Hair” with Cynthia:


Interestingly enough, Cynthia was slammed plenty on social media for her reunion wig.


  1. Porsha is a natural. She’s pretty, funny and has lots of personality. No wonder Kenya hated her from their first meeting.

    1. Kenya is insecure as hell! She’s threatened by strong females. Please note she never hangs out with anyone besides some of the cast or her auntie!

    2. Kenya ain’t thinking about Poorsha. She’s busy prepping for the launch her legitimate hair business. Slapping your name on some yaki is what all the IG thots like Poorsha are doing right now. Kenya makes real moves.

      1. Poorsha? Wow. You guys are so clever. But umm, you do know Porsha has more gigs than Kenya does right?

      2. Kenya wishes she could get as many gigs as Porsha. You keep saying twirl, Kenya making big moves, but it doesn’t seem to be working out for her. No one has even offered Kenya a job outside of RHOA, celebrity apprentice don’t count. So, your theory of Kenya making big moves don’t hold any weight in comparison to Porsha. People actually like Porsha, can we say the same for Kenya? I’ll let you answer that twirl! Btw, you do know Kenya’s facebook page hasn’t reached 100k friends yet and Porsha has over a milli, which says a lot, being they both joined RHOA the same season….that alone twirl,.speaks volumes…

  2. Cynthia’s wig did look like a dry a-s mop. I don’t know what happened because she rarely gets it wrong.

    1. Uh,uh! Almost that entire last season Cynthia’s wigs and her makeup were bad. Maybe Patricia used her wig money for Sport One!

  3. Porsha didn’t have all these comebacks at the reunion when everyone was reading her a-s tho.

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