Jermaine Dupri Says Mariah Carey Doesn’t Take Her Career Seriously Anymore

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Carey is having a difficult time making her comeback in music work out, and even partnering back up with Jermaine Dupri didn’t help things.

But JD seems to think the main issue is the singer isn’t taking her career seriously anymore.

He tells Hip Hollywood:

“From both sides I think it’s like you in the business you have to pay attention to everything. There’s some artists out there that aren’t as serious as they are supposed to be and I think sometimes Mariah doesn’t take it as seriously as she should.

“Sometimes I think the media is a little too hard on Mariah, but at the same time I think sometimes she has to pay attention to that and say ‘I’m going to be one hundred times more serious than I feel like being right now.”


  1. Sh-t did the hobbit lie? Mimi is a legend but she’s lazy as f-ck and it shows.

  2. Well she doesn’t. JD isn’t someone I care for but he told the truth. Mariah acts like she’s just trying to fulfill what’s left of her contract so she can retire. She doesn’t care anymore.

    1. I think that’s exactly what’s going on. Mariah has accomplished so much in music and you can tell she would rather just chill with her kids all day now. I don’t like it but I get it. She’s had a hell of a career anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

      1. now beyonce needs to do this. the sad part is that most ppl would actually like to see mariah do something but we gotta deal with force feeding artists nowadays and the good artists just be wantin to chill

        1. Beyonce doesn’t need to do a damn thing. She will retire when she’s good and ready, and until then your musty behind will just have to deal. Good day.

          1. lmao well damn. pregnant and still lurking and dragging. happy friday booski.

          1. Another idiot who doesn’t know how to avoid artists they are tired of. F-ck outta here.

        2. F-ck outta here. In 2015, you don’t have to see or listen to sh-t you don’t want to. Tired of Beyonce? Well sh-t ain’t nobody holding a gun to your head and forcing you to listen to her music. Get Spotify, a coke and a smile, and sit the f-ck down somewhere. People like you annoy the f-ck out of me. Always complaining about people being forced down your DEEP throats when you bringing up Beyonce on your own on a f-cking post that didn’t have sh-t to do with her. You can’t be too tired of her now can you? Sh-t.

          1. Lmao you are going in hard lol, how much is she paying you lol, I can always count on a crazed Beyonce fan to go in when you say anything the don’t like about Beyonce lol

          2. And I can always count on a wack a-s POS to come on here trying to troll because they can’t get attention elsewhere on a Friday night. So Beyonce’s stans get your dry a-s c–chie wet, huh? Our impact! You want our attention, but we’re the crazy ones? Get your attention seeking a-s out of here.

  3. LOL. I wonder how this will affect what’s left of their friendship.

  4. I can’t stand JD but he is absolutely right about Mariah not taking her career seriously anymore it’s obvious especially how she performs. Mariah ain’t sounded good live in damn near 3 or 4 years she doesn’t even lip sync good anymore. I just watched her a couple of months ago and she just stop singing altogether and just smiled as the music played. On top of that she ain’t been putting quality music out in awhile and JD should get some blame for that. Mariah is one of the greats and still one of the best vocalist of all time but she has fallen off.

  5. Mariah will always be a queen. I love that she’s not bothered by what people have to say about her.

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