Safaree Samuels Raps About Breakup with Nicki Minaj in New Music

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s split from Safaree Samuels inspired most of the lyrics from “The Pinkprint,” and now it appears Safaree will use the same inspiration for his new music too.

In fact, Safaree’s new track “Love The Most” wasn’t supposed to come out until a few more days, but it leaked and has folks talking since he raps about the breakup.

Gossip Cop writes:

The song isn’t slated to be released until June 15, but it was leaked online Wednesday morning. “You ain’t do it alone, we took ourselves up out the hood,” raps Samuels at one point. “Yeah, we made it on the rise, ain’t no green in my eyes cuz we both went to sleep in the same bed of lies.”

At another point in the song, Samuels says, “12 years up in flames, thought you would have had my kid… Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool. I was feeling like a mothaf*cking fool… Yeah, I know I’m not perfect. You were paying all the bills, you remember what you told me when you wasn’t on them pills… If the shoe was on the other foot, I’m make sure you straight… I ain’t playing kiddie games.”


  1. I wish he would sit down. He thinks he will be able to make a career off of Nicki but it won’t work out for him.

  2. He’s annoying but he has every right to tell his side since Nick told hers. And the song is kind of hot. LOL.

  3. His true colors are showing he is proving to be what Nicki and everybody else said about him. He needs to stop using Nicki’s name for fame and move on.

  4. I know he was with Nicki from day one but this is so low down in my opinion. He doesn’t really want to be with her anymore (he said so himself), but now he’s going to rap about her for attention? The nerve.

  5. He’s a corny rapper. And he used to write Nicki’s old lyrics? I’m not sure I believe that after listening to this.

  6. I swear every time we get ready to forget about him, he does something and we’re talking about him again. He’s dedicated. LMBO.

  7. He can do what he want. He always wanted to be rap and it’s obvious him not pursing a career earlier on was an forbidding unspoken term in their relationship. Nicki rapped about him. He has a right to express himself. He really didn’t say anything personally bad about her, she emasculated him and he allowed it. If he makes anymore songs about her beyond this then that would be lame.

  8. I think it’s pretty clear now more than ever that they will never get back together. So he’s going to do whatever he has to in order to stay semi-relevant.

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