Erica Campbell Unbothered by ‘I Luh God’ Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell’s solo career is already taking off with her new hit, “I Luh God,” but that hasn’t stopped her from getting backlash from some because they feel the song sounds too secular.

Regardless, Erica is proud of her new sound and she says those who aren’t on board can just buy someone else’s music if they aren’t feeling it.

She tells Hip Hollywood:

“Of course it’s somebody who’s always a little negative but for the most part it’s really been great.

“I think they’re just loving being able to express how you feel about God just in a fun and energetic and cool way. And I’m embracing the positivity in all those who don’t understand it. They can buy someone else’s music. It’s fine. I won’t be offended at all.

“I hope the trend continues. The main point is there’s a whole bunch of people who don’t listen to a traditional style of Gospel music but they want to. They love God too. They want to be inspired. They want to acknowledge the creator. Why not create music they can turn up to?”

Check out the video below:


    1. Exactly. And I loved that song. If this song moves a lot of people, and the message is getting out, then cool.

  1. I think I was just thrown off my the title. But when I heard it the first time, I had to admit it was kind of catchy. Anyway, I wonder if she’ll do more music with her sister. I love Mary Mary.

  2. I love Erica Campbell’s music and Mary Mary’s, but I just flat out don’t like this song. It’s foolishness. Sorry not sorry.

  3. Ummmmm I had to chuckle at some points while listening to this song……I love the song “God In Me” and I also like Kierra Sheard and that type of Gospel music….but this “I luh God” song not feeling it…I guess this is for some1 21 yrs and younger IDK…all I knw is i’m not feeling it

    1. It’s not a age thing. I’m 24 and I don’t like it. Don’t mix my Gucci mane with Gospel I’m sorry.

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