Shay Johnson & Waka Flocka’s Mom Deb Antney Clash at Momma Dee’s Bridal Shower

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Shay Johnson may no longer be on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” since Lil Scrappy is now dating Bambi, but her personal life is still full of drama.

According to The Shade Room, Shay got into it with Waka Flocka’s mom Deb Antney recently at Momma Dee’s bridal shower.

The Shade Room writes:

Our trusty source fed-ex’d the tea to our front door. Here is the scoop: Momma Dee had her bridal shower this past Sunday and she invited both Deb (Waka Flocka’s mom/manager) and Shay Johnson (of LHHATL ). What she didn’t know is that Shay and Deb were beefing. Apparently, Deb let Shay Johnson borrow her car for the first season of Love & Hip Hop (because Shay didn’t have a car).

Shay ended up totaling Deb’s car and has yet to pay Deb back for the accident. Ever since then, Deb and Shay have not been on speaking terms.

Fast forward to Sunday, Shay bumps into Deb and tries to be cordial but Deb wasn’t having it! Deb started cursing Shay out and told her that she didn’t want any parts of her!


Luckily the alleged showdown didn’t lead to violence.


  1. Of course it didn’t lead to violence…Shay ain’t stupid. She don’t Deb to lay hands. She only goes after folks like Erica who won’t box her in her damn jaw.

  2. Shay better sit her Muffy Crosswire/Francine Frensky looking a-s down somewhere. Deb will whoop her a-s with one hand.

  3. So Shay was dragging Scrappy for not paying her back the money she loaned him just to turn around and do the same to Deb once she lost those VH1 checks? LOL.

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