Khloe Kardashian Sets Her Sights on James Harden?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that her marriage to Lamar Odom fell flat, Khloe Kardashian may be in the process of finding another NBA boo.

According to sources, Khloe and James Harden have been spending time together but throwing the public off by inviting their friends along to make things look less obvious.

Jocks & Stiletto Jill writes:

Most recently Khloe was said to be exclusively dating rapper French Montana. But that seems to be over and there are reportedly two basketball players in the running for Khlo Money’s affections.

First Khloe was spotted having dinner with former NBA player Rick Fox in Sherman Oaks at Casa Vega.

And then there were reports that Khloe is now booed up with Houston Rockets all-star James Harden. Terez Owens reported that the two partied together at Club Addiction in Hawaii. They allegedly used their friends to cover up the trip, with James flying out with his boys, and Khloe using her BFF Malika as a decoy for an “all girls trip.”


This comes just weeks after James was put on blast by a groupie on Instagram.


  1. She just trying to get back at Amber and in typical Kartrashian fashion she doing it by going after Amber’s ex that she was just messing with. She is so petty still holding on to that dragging Amber gave her and her family. She really showing Amber by being a thot and spreading her legs to a man that screw anything moving smh but let people tell it she winning smh. Well she doing what she good for couldn’t hang with Amber with the war of words so she opening her legs to try to compete but Amber the ho though.

  2. Khloe is getting desperate now. He will hit it and bounce like he does all the others. She will never get wifed up again.

  3. That is dangerous d-ck she messing with. She might mess around a catch a case of the herp. #Forewarned

    1. LO: they don’t look her way because she’s the ugliest Kardashian. She chases them and they give in because it’s easy p-ssy and publicity. She only got Lamar because he was a crackhead. She won’t get another husband.

  4. It must be exhausting to Khloe to know her relevancy is dependent on who’s screwing her. She literally needs a man to be “successful.” And Kim’s “success” came from bouncing off different dingalings. That’s pretty pathetic.

  5. It says a lot about a woman who has to go after men to get their attn…..only time I chased after a man is when he owed me money….She and the rest of her Thotty a$$ family are beyond thirsty and pathetic….it’s rather laughable but sad at the same damn time….bish is not winning and will never win. Hell ain’t none of hem won or winning anything look at the men they have or had…I’m not a celeb but if I was I wouldn’t have fckd wit any of those dudes

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