Tyga’s First Week Album Sales Revealed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga stays in the headlines constantly for his controversial romance with Kylie Jenner, but all that publicity isn’t doing much to help the rapper’s lackluster music career.

Just months after his joint album with Chris Brown flopped, his latest solo album is doing even worse.

Hot New Hip Hop writes:

The numbers are in for The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty and they do not look good; T-Raww’s latest album garnered a paltry 2,200 sales in its first week.

Indeed, Tyga primarily encouraged people to listen to the album via Spotify, but one would think that his fame alone would give him better sales numbers than Troy Ave, who’s Major Without A Deal garnered 4,373 sales in its first week.

Tyga defended his album’s numbers today on Twitter. “I put it out for free on spotify last tues. the whole purpose was to stream it.Kuz label problems. Got millions of streams,” he wrote.


  1. Now this is embarrassing. I hope this shows him that it takes more than staying in the headlines to be a successful artist. We can talk about you everyday but that doesn’t mean we will put money in your pockets. Every man who gets with these women falls off so fast. I don’t understand why men keep entertaining them.

    1. I won’t support a pedaphile who’s trying to make music no matter when it’s released. I have a seventeen year old daughter and it’s not okay.

  2. This is what happens when you let a lil girl that wants to make you happy, convince you that you’re on Beyonce’s level. And how does a free album still flop….I’m not understanding.

  3. The surprise release thing is already about to be run to the ground. Beyonce pulled it off in a genius way, but she also has a very large fan base who support just about anything she does, so she wasn’t going to flop. Tyga doesn’t have a fan base. He only has spectators who enjoy commenting on his personal life. That’s about it.

  4. Bhahahaha!!!!!!! I guess between being Chris Brown hype man and attention whoring with the underage Kartrashian didn’t generate any buzz lol.

  5. Tyga is a terrible rapper who thought he could ride the coattails of the Kardashians and Chris Brown to get by but he’s getting a wake up call. I hope he’s stacking the little money he is making because he won’t even be relevant in a few years after Kylie trades him in for Drake or some other A list rapper.

  6. He will probably never have decent sales. Outside of the whole Kylie and Chyna thing, people aren’t interested in him or his music.

  7. Lmao. Those sales are pathetic, he can try to defend it all he wants. Won’t change those struggle numbers.

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