The Khloe Kardashian & James Harden Rumors Heat Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that it was being rumored reality star Khloe Kardashian was back on the prowl for another professional athlete love interest, and even though she was spotted recently with former NBA player Rick Fox, sources claimed she had been spotted with Houston Rockets star James Harden too.

It was also speculated that Khloe was using her friends to cover up the budding romance with Harden, but now the rumored twosome are either getting sloppy or they are ready for the public to be in the know.

The Big Lead writes:

James Harden and Khloe Kardashian are an item now, according to The Daily Beast (who emphatically confirmed the news). Apparently they were seen together taking in July 4th festivities at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas yesterday. Earlier this week, there was speculation that they might be seeing each other when they worked out at the same gym. Riveting stuff.


  1. At this point the punchlines write themselves….. If these men want to continue to shame themselves- let them….

    Harden doesn’t need these types of distractions! He needs to be focused on a championship next year….

    1. It’s honestly the dumb famous ones who keep giving these tramps lifelines. They could never get a Will Smith or Barack Obama…only the lower level idiots. James Harden ain’t no LeBron James. LOL. You see LeBron was smart enough to marry his black high school sweetheart. So it’s not a black men issue. It’s an idiot issue.

    2. Ay don’t put this on us. If I was in the NBA, I’d do a hell out a lot better than a Kardashian seeing how NBA money gives you access to the baddest. I mean that’s if I didn’t scoop up a good shawty pre-fame. There’s no excuse for Kanye settling for Kim Kardashian and my boy Harden settling for Khloe, the least attractive one at that. It’s an L for him.

    1. This! My dad is a big Rockets fan and I just told him they don’t have a chance in hell of winning a championship.

  2. He will never get a ring doing this kind of stuff. He’s obviously not focused about his career because if he was, he would stay far away from this family.

  3. Khloe’s cooch has basically turned into a toll booth its being reported she just dating having fun but let any famous black woman date more than 2 men she would be called every whore in the book. This is white privilege for you.

  4. James Harden is such a joke. This man has the absolute worst taste in women. I see why his career is where it is now.

  5. I think men date Khloe for publicity. Anyway, he’s usually a pump and dump kind of guy anyway. He’s not a prize.

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