2 Chainz Sued for Calling Woman a THOT

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you last year a woman was thinking about suing 2 Chainz because he called her a THOT backstage at a show on a video that went viral, and now it appears the young woman has finally went through with her threats and she wants millions.

TMZ writes:

2 Chainz might be forced to fork over $5,000,000 … all because he called some woman a “THOT.”

The woman in question, Christine Chisholm, says she was invited backstage at a 2 Chainz show on March 20, 2014 by one of Chainz’s friends, rapper Cap 1.

In the video, Chainz repeatedly refers to Chisholm as a “THOT” … an acronym for “that ho over there.”

According to the lawsuit, Chisholm claims two weeks after the video was posted — and was seen by 10 million people — she was fired from her job at a barber shop because the manager thought the video would bring negative publicity to the shop.


Christina also claims in the paperwork filed to the court that she’s also been getting clowned on social media ever since the video hit the web.


    1. yep oh well that this is how blk fathers and males treat blk daughters and female teens. no wonder why ppl think they can make blk females disappear to steal their organs and also sell them into human trafficking. no protection. good for the kings, right queen?

      yeah any black female who goes to a concert and wants to meet the artist is a whore.

  1. I don’t feel bad for him at all. When you’re rich and famous, you always have to keep in your mind that people are just looking for a reason to sue. He was stupid for doing her like he did anyway.

  2. She can’t be serious. I saw the video and she made herself look like a fool. If she gets any money hopefully she will pursue an education

  3. She won’t get 5 million but she will walk away with a nice chunk of change. Sh-t get money.

  4. Irregardless of why she went backstage, he was out of pocket for insulting her and posting the video without her consent. He’s gonna settle and she’s gonna make out like a bandit.

  5. It’s a learning experience for both of them. 2 Chainz is learning he can’t say and do whatever he wants to people in a social media age, and she’s seeing why it’s important to always respect yourself.

  6. wow I didn’t know you could get fired from a job…even if its the barber shop because someone else insulted you..Wow and wow

  7. Good for her!!! I encourage her to pursuit it and make an example out of him. Send a message to ALL of the disrespectful, misogynistic rappers. No sympathy for 2 chainz

  8. I wish these women would stop chasing these rappers and their hanger ons. 9 times out of 10 they aren’t going to respect you. I’m glad she’s getting a check though. Especially if she lost her job.

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