2 Chainz Gets Good News on ‘THOT’ Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Over a year ago rapper 2 Chainz found himself in a bit of a pickle because of his backstage behavior.

Video of him being cold towards a young woman backstage at one of his shows went viral, and before the video ended, he actually labeled the woman a “THOT.”

After the video got millions of views on social media and YouTube, the young woman decided to slap the rapper with a lawsuit.

Too bad the judge just sided with 2 Chainz.

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  1. This would have been a great for women. It would’ve set a limit on the type of language “men” (yes in quotes) can use towards women…. Now that it’s been cleared in court, they’ll feel as though they can say anything they want. Freedom of speech wouldn’t be hindered.

  2. First of all, where is her accountability in all of this? Should he have called her out of her name? NO. Should he have released the video of him doing so? NO. But, since when did you open a deck of cards and call a spade a heart? You call a spade just what it is, a spade. If she was backstage exhibiting THOT behavior, well then you call her what she looks like, a THOT. We only see a portion of what was actually taking place in the video. No one knows what truly happened except those present. Sounds like she wanted a retirement plan. Well boo, sorry but you won’t retire this year.

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