Nicki Minaj Has Some Words for MTV + Taylor Swift Tries to Check Her

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj has been very vocal of the biases she notices as a woman of color in the music industry, and even though she’s managed to find pop stardom as a female rapper, she still thinks the playing field isn’t level for everyone.

Nicki was vocal about Iggy Azalea’s flourishing career after she racked up award nominations from “Fancy,” and even Azealia Banks chimed in and claimed Iggy’s race and cultural appropriation has plenty to do with all her success from just one single.

While Nicki no longer comments on Iggy, she did call out MTV earlier today for not really acknowledging her music videos for “Feeling Myself” and “Anaconda” when it comes to nominations for this year’s VMAs.

She tweets (read from bottom to top):

nicki twitter 2nicki twitter

Nicki’s tweets obviously rubbed Taylor Swift the wrong way:

taylor twitter

nicki twitter 3

nicki twiter 4

Taylor, who is known for her impeccable PR smarts, cleaned it all up rather quickly though:

taylor twitter 2

Nicki is still tweeting:

nicki twitter 6

nicki twitter 7

nicki twitter 8


  1. Taylor has always been a passive aggressive c-nt. I know Nicki wants to drag her annoying a-s so bad, but it would be career suicide because Taylor is America’s favorite white girl right now.

  2. LMBO. Nicki said no lies but I’m not sure she’s the right messenger. And hit dogs will holler. Taylor knows she gets way too many accolades when her music and “talent” is dismal.

  3. If I win? That bish knows she’s going to sweep every category she’s nominated in. I’m so over Taylor Swift.

  4. I don’t know if Taylor is trying to be shady or if she’s a genuinely nice person. But something about her seems fake and passive aggressive to me.

  5. I’m pretty sure Taylor shaded her in the last tweet. Katy Perry tried to tell us Taylor is a mean bish behind the scenes.

  6. Nicki tried to shade Taylor and didn’t even have the courage to @ her so Taylor showed her who the f-ck is the boss. Pick your face off the floor Nicki.

    1. Nicki did no such thing!! Taylor incorporated herself into Nicki’s opinion of the bias media. Their was no need for Nicki to @ her if she wasn’t speaking to her. Taylor was well on her way to becoming the next Khloe Kardashian meets Amber Rose! She knew better, which is why she changed her tune. Now Anonymous go slam your face into the nearest wall and return to hibernation..

    2. The barbs are saying Nicki was actually shading Miley Cyrus because she won a video of the year for that video she was naked in. Nicki’s was comparing Anaconda to Miley’s video. So Taylor jumped into something she had nothing to do with.

  7. I don’t understand these black artists. If you see white artists being favored over you, why do you keep showing up to their award shows? Every black artist nominated should skip the VMAs this year and the Grammys next year. Make a real stand.

  8. Da fuq???? And this is why Kanye snatched her award. They must have ready told her she won and she def threw shade about it. The fact she even commented on Nickis tweet is a dead give away.

  9. I wonder how all the black people who dragged Kanye in defense of Taylor feel right now! She’s saying the same kind of BS anti-Black Lives Matter people be saying. It’s always telling when a white person tries to belittle you for speaking out against white privilege.

  10. I didn’t agree with Nicki about Anaconda. The video wasn’t that amazing and groundbreaking. But she’s right about white media. And she better gird her loins because they’re about to eviscerate her on Taylor’s behalf.

  11. Black Twitter is dragging the hell out of Taylor and Ryan Seacrest right now. That Tidal tweet is the truth though. I’m so tired of white privilege in this country.

  12. But why did Taylor even jump in? She makes everything about her when the bigger issue at hand is how the white media is shutting out black artists. They are even doing it to Beyonce and Rihanna! Didn’t Tyrese just get through talking about it too? Ugh shut up Taylor!

  13. Taylor is so basic. She can’t sing, can’t perform but they are making her out to be the next Michael Jackson. Hilarious.

  14. White privilege is so real and people need to wake up. Nicki is so right with that Tidal tweet people forget it was Taylor that started removing her music way before Jay launched Tidal. Now people called all the artists but especially Jay greedy but nobody said anything about Taylor.

  15. I really don’t see the hype with Taylor. I mean what does she do besides write corny teenager songs? Her voice isn’t all that and she can’t even perform live all that well. It’s like she’s big because she’s a blonde girl who has the right kind of look to be pushed ahead. Why can’t Janelle Monae get that kind of shine when she has better music and more talent in her pinky? And I’m sick of them saying Taylor is more successful than Beyonce when Taylor hasn’t even been in the business as long.

  16. Chile this has been going on for so long. MJ went through a lot of it too and he’s the GOAT. I just never thought it would be Nicki to speak up. I’m shocked.

  17. The thing Taylor don’t get is her white privilege. with all she has accomplish, if she was black she would not won 99.9 % of what she already won. She would be lucky if she sold 50,000 in one week

  18. it just like when Taylor wrote that open letter to Apple,I was like this is what Tidal is ll about this is what Jay Z was talking about but got dragged by the white media but now everyone praising Taylor

  19. All I know is MTV better not be trying to stir up ratings from these Twitter beefs. I’m not trying to watch another dry award show. Lol.

  20. I’m siding with Nicki by default because Taylor has been winning from white privilege since birth. She was born rich and her rich family put her on in the music business so she could get even richer. She will never get any of my coins.

  21. So when Nikki tweeted “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” who was she talking about if not Taylor? Of the nominated, no one else had a video with a bunch of skinny white women (models).

  22. I’ve never seen Rihanna and Beyonce cry and fuss on Twitter when they get snubbed for awards. They use it for motivation and work harder. Nicki needs to grow up. Racism will never end. Black people have to work harder and it will always be that way. It’s not right, but none of her tweets will change anything.

  23. The only other female artists nominated for video of the year were Taylor swift and Beyonce. Nicki was clearly shading Taylor Swift and Taylor clapped back.

  24. If Taylor don’t sit her narrow behind down somewhere. It’s so telling why she was bothered by Nikki’s tweets. She knew it was nothing but facts.

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