Sheree Whitfield’s Possible RHOA Return Hits a Rough Patch

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sheree Whitfield is allegedly in talks to return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but now sources are claiming negotiations aren’t going so well.

All About the Tea writes:

The source explains that negotiations are ongoing with Sheree Whitfield, but that Bravo wants her to begin filming without a contract in place, in a rundown similar to how Claudia Jordan busted onto the Atlanta scene.

Claudia Jordan began filming Season 7 without a contract, but later negotiated a figure and signed on as a full-time “Housewife,” when Bravo was pleased with the drama she brought to the table.

According to our tipster, Sheree is holding out for a minimum salary of $200,000, before she commits to Season 8. The dismissal of another producer, and money spent investing in various Bravo flop projects have supposedly thinned the budget, and the Atlanta gals are feeling the pinch. Our source dishes,

“A lot is going on at Bravo, with all of the cast pay. All of the current cast wants more money. They want Sheree to film without a contract, like they did with Claudia.”


  1. I shouldn’t have even gotten my hopes up. I guess I want Sheree back so there will still be one original left. RHOA has changed so much and not for the better.

  2. Sheree better stop trying to play hardball with these negotiations. It ain’t like she got better options better take what you can before they change their minds and snatch that offer back.

  3. I think Sheree had some great moments but I don’t really know if this will work now that Nene is gone. I think most people wanted her back to check Nene because no one else would. Then Claudia did and people ganged up on her and she’s gone now.

  4. SHEREE better stop it!!go on there and check people! Use this platform to get your money right or at least get cash smfh!!

  5. To be fair- she shouldn’t work without a contract! She was already one of the main cast members before the show turned to sh*t! That makes her RHOA royalty essentially- they wouldn’t ask any of the other cast members to return w/o one.

    I hope they can work it out. I really liked her on the show. She was really a good view of single mom life- better than Kandi (cause we rarely saw her kid) and Cynthia (since she wasn’t really single)

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