T.I. Sides with Future

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s very public relationship has been met with some controversy and skepticism, but Ciara’s ex Future seems the be the couple’s biggest critic.

We already told you Russell is seemingly becoming pretty cool with Baby Future, but Future made it clear in a recent interview that he feels like the athlete crosses the line because he feels like Russell is treating the child like a son.

Interestingly enough, T.I. agrees (screenshot obtained by Phillip Network):

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  1. I don’t understand why people are so mad about Future’s opinion. The only thing I felt was wrong was him calling Ci Ci a hoe but other than that, that’s his son! He’s not a missing in action father, so of course he isn’t going to like Russell playing daddy with his child. Russ and Ci are manipulative and calculating attention whores.

  2. I’m amazed at how invested everyone is on this. I don’t have the full story but I just want Future to stop lashing out on social media and in interviews like a lunatic. I think Ciara and Future need to be mature and sit down and discuss this.

  3. Why is it when the guy moves on after a baby is born, it is okay from him to bring the baby around whomever he wants during his visitatations. When you have split parents, this is what happens. Kids will come in contact with a few people before a settle down will happen. I think its fine that Russell, get to know the baby and have interaction with the baby early on.

    My husband and I met in 4 days before November in 1999 and he has been in my son’s life since before he was 2 which he met my son 3 weeks out of our dating and we are married and have been married since 2002. He’s graduated High School and just moved onto college this year. He knows his sperm donor but my husband has always been there and supported him. The real baby daddy has not done a damn thing and never was consistant with the visits.

    Russell is serious about Ciara, they are going to church together and doing things as a family unit. They are becoming friends before they become lovers and I think this is beautiful. Rubberband man need to shut the Fuh up as he has had illigitimate children all through his marriage. If Future wanted Ciara, he would have married her and fought for the relationship.

  4. But Future was cool with letting Ciara play stepmom before they were even engaged. He slipped up and said she used to babysit all his other kids on the breakfast club.

  5. These men need to come up out there feelings. If Future was on his job then he wouldn’t be concerned nor jealous of pics on the internet. But this just tells you that he probably isn’t as hands on as he should be and who’s fault is that. Certainly not Baby Future’s nor Russell’s. I don’t see none of these same men saying chit to Diddy, Mendeecees, Luda, D Wade and all the others out there that got them “break babies”. Where was the outrage amongst these same men then?? They need to get over it like Ciara obviously has.

  6. Didn’t he bring Ciara around his children pretty quickly? The irony. I think even if Ciara would have discussed this with him he would still have the same attitude.

  7. So many Ciara defenders but her album sales are still low!!!! She’s been using relationships for publicity for years. Lmao!!!!

      1. How is she doing something right if she’s still flopping and Future is selling more albums than her? Y’all cape for her on the blogs but won’t buy her albums. Lmao.

    1. Yes! And now he’s acting like “Jody” with this reverse baby daddy drama. He’s a b-tch and so is T.I.

  8. First of all Ebro is so f-cking messy second of all T.I. needs to mind his f-cking business. I really don’t understand why everybody is so invested in this relationship if Future really has a problem with this has he even called Ciara or spoke to her about it why put all this out on social media and speak about it in interviews. Now watch I bet Future going to get exactly what he wants this drama he has created will probably take a toll on the relationship and break them up smh. I honestly don’t think Ciara and Russ are going to last because I’ve never seen so much hate for a relationship before in my life it blows my mind.

    1. All this noise will only make Ciara and Russell Wilson relationship that much stronger, it will not cause them to split. Russell is very strong in his faith and realize what spirit is controling Future. Because God calls us to serve him, it doesn’t mean we will allow anyone to hurt or harm us or our family. I believe peoples underestimate Russell because he’s good looking, curly hair, a good guy and a christian but Russell has said he’s not worry. One reason why Future ain’t jumped.

  9. This all comes down to jealousy. Future doesn’t care about that man being around his son, he’s the same man who impregnated multiple women. Clearly he doesn’t have morals. The problem is he sees Russell is a better man than him, and the pictures show Baby Future knows it too. That baby is already fond of Russell because he’s a real man unlike his dad. T.I. knows it too. The only “men” pressed about this are the sh-tty ones who know real men like Russell sh-t on them all day everyday.

  10. TI should have never opened his mouth seeing as he’s been envolved in Tiny’s daughters’ life since she was a small child. Pot, meet kettle. Smh.

  11. So Russell shouldn’t treat him like a son…should he treat him like a random child he doesnt care about, perhaps swat him away when he runs up to him…thats asinine. He should be concerned with if the man treats his son well & respects his son’smom bc his son will be influenced by him.
    These sensitive a-s ego driven man-boys annoy me.

  12. T.I shouldn’t have an opinion about someones relationship, when his marriage is full of drama….Also, Future can’t be salty over pictures, because russel wouldn’t be around his son if future was being a better Fiance to Ciara. Russel exists because Future can’t keep his family together—-he has a track record of making broken families (all them baby mamas he got). So I’m going to need T.I to shut up and mind his businesses, it his not his place to speak on this, TINY need to get her husband, out here tryna start a mess. Future need to accept that Ciara upgraded with a handsome, intelligent, spiritual man worth millions. Future should be happy that Ciara isn’t bringing a thug around his son, or some dude looking for fifteen minutes of fame like Future did *sips tea**

  13. Well I would expect stray dogs to stick together…T.I needs to keep quiet on this one before all of his indiscretions are exposed lol.

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