Sevyn Streeter Refuses to Back Down

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago, R&B singer and songwriter Sevyn Streeter caused a little controversy after she told the Breakfast Club crew that women should never tell their significant other no when they want to get freaky, but the R&B singer doesn’t understand why her comments ruffled some feathers.

Regardless, she’s not backing down from her views.

She tells the Breakfast Club:

“I mean, I still stand behind what I said. I don’t know if they expect me to change that or not. It’s not gonna change. I feel like it goes both ways. It’s for men and for women. It goes both ways.

“So I still stand behind that.

“I ain’t told Bob no. He ain’t told me no.”


Check out the full interview below. The bedroom talk comes in at the 17:00 mark.


        1. You could know every trick in the Kama Sutra and add a few skills of your own and your man’ll still cheat if he wants to!

  1. I like her but she talks too much. One day she might say something that will get her in some real trouble. These younger artists want so bad to seem more human and relatable that they miss it up by getting too comfortable.

  2. She’s entitled to her opinion. I just wonder what she will say when she actually becomes a mother. I swore I had all the answers to when I was young and dating. Some single people think they know everything.

  3. Girl you can give it up all day long and they may still treat you like trash. Everything ain’t about s-x.

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