The 76ers Apologize, Invite Sevyn Streeter to Perform at Future Game

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day the 76ers organization made headlines because executives cancelled Sevyn Streeter’s performance of the National Anthem after they learned she would be singing in a “We Matter” jersey.

After lots of backlash and as a result of players on the team expressing their anger with the decision, the executives are now apologizing.

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  1. It’s crazy to me how these teams are so quick to value white fans over everyone else like whites are the only ones who support the team. Especially when black men make up over 95% of the team.

  2. If I was Sevyn I would gladly decline. NO thanks…that situation shouldn’t have been a situation to begin with… for every1 else they may reach out to, they should decline as well.

  3. I think she should go and sing. But dont tell them and sing the Black National Anthem instead. Or go and have a whole group of people behind her in silent protest with signs, on one knee, and with their hands up.

    I wonder if any other teams will step up and invite her to sing for them?

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