Mike Epps’ Wife Gets Him Together

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Mike Epps hasn’t had the best luck with social media.

In the past, he’s gotten in to at least two epic Twitter beefs with fellow funny man Kevin Hart, and his comebacks weren’t sharp enough to outdo Kevin’s jabs.

While both have made up and are good terms, he is now in trouble with his wife for his recent tweets.

Black Sports Online writes:

Comedian Mike Epps might be in a little trouble after telling a girl on Twitter to DM him. His wife, Mechelle Epps quickly jumped in the convo between Mike and the girl with a pair of emoji eyes.



Mike blocked the young woman shortly after his wife’s intervention:



    1. He damn sure does. He’s one of those types who stays in a marriage he doesn’t want to be in because he’s too afraid to just divorce and be the hoe he really wants to be.

  1. Some men just don’t need to get married. If you need to look for something new on Twitter, stay single.

  2. The sad part is his wife will stay because she loves the lifestyle. If I’m not mistaken this isn’t the first time she’s caught him.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, he was married before and dogged his ex out so he really ain’t the best at this marriage thing anyway.

    1. No, he wasn’t married to the other woman he has kids with. But he dogged her and the kids out in a standup and it pissed a lot of people off.

  4. Mike punched his former mistress in his wife’s face on the red carpet at a movie premiere. She is used to catching him.

  5. Sh-t his wife doesn’t really give a f-ck though. Her dumb a-s has caught Mike creeping plenty of times. But money talks so her weak a-s ain’t trying to walk. He will do it again but he won’t be so open next time.

  6. He been cheating but she ain’t going nowhere because trying to pretend she’s living some perfect life for Instagram likes is the only thing that matters to her. I may not like Kevin Hart, but the one thing I can say is he is faithful to his girl. He takes her everywhere he goes too. Mike is trifling as hell and been a dog.

  7. The saddest thing though is the woman he was trying to get at admitted she got off Instagram because she wasn’t getting enough likes on her pictures. Is it that serious? Are people really looking for validation that bad?

    1. I peeped that too! These insta-thots act like “likes” are life! First thing they wanna throw in your face is how many likes you don’t have. Really b-tch????

  8. Well I didn’t even know he was married…LOL. But that’s good she caught his a$$…..these dudes be doing the most. But what I also wanted to say is why should she leave him???? if he ain’t abusing her or actually putting his peen some place it doesn’t need to be…then she doesn’t need to leave. People are so quick to tell someone else or suggest what someone else needs to do in their relationship. Hell there’s a bunch of women out here right now with regular non-celeb dudes who go thru this crap and worst and they haven’t left. When a woman gets fed up within herself she will leave. In the meantime for them…I would just put foot to his a$$, cry..make him feel bad about how horrible he is and spend his money

    1. I guess your comment is for me. Well I’ll bite. I’m sorry, but I have never been a woman who settles for unfaithfulness. I value myself way too much to stay with someone who puts my health directly in danger because they want to sleep around. Now maybe it’s not a big deal to you and others with your mentality, but I’ve watched people close to me stay with cheaters and end up crying on the phone to me when they find out they have a STD. The shopping sprees don’t make things better either so whether they’re famous or not doesn’t matter. It’s just not worth it to me to stay with someone because they have money or fearing being single again. Women should value themselves more. I know I do. But she’s entitled to stay and tolerate whatever she chooses just like I’m entitled to say she can do much better.

      1. Past cheating aside, I don’t know how any woman can read this and not see him trying to creep with someone else on twitter as a sign of disrespect. I would leave on that alone. There’s no telling how many woman he’s done this with. If you can’t be faithful, don’t ever get married. It’s that simple.

      2. Well said. Honestly, cheating is just as bad as abuse because of all the STDs out here now. And let’s not even talk about what having a baby outside a marriage does to a woman emotionally. Remember that lady who came on here a few months back who still couldn’t deal with the fact her husband had a baby with another woman? She was a real mess. Cheating isn’t harmless in the least bit. It can scar too. I think Mike’s cheated before and it’s scarred his wife bad enough that she watches his tweets. Sure, he has money and their Instagram pictures are nice, but I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes at all.

    2. Mike has cheated before. He ended up assaulting the mistress too. So yes, his wife should be plotting an exit strategy right about now. She should do like Shaunie and quietly start stacking her coins and getting a good divorce lawyer ready. I won’t hold my breath though.

    3. He has no respect for his wife if he’s still trying to slide into DMs. So her leaving would make sense to me.

  9. I think is very unfair this woman is receiving hate threats (link removed) nohting happened and Epps should step up like a man

  10. So many people are calling that woman a hoe but she’s not the one who’s married. I’m tired of mysogynistic idiots.

  11. So him blocking her is supposed to make up for the fact that he was trying to get him a new sidepiece? Some women are too easy to please for their own good.

  12. When we are serious about who we’re with, we’re not going to be trying to creep in DMs. He obviously ain’t into his wife anymore and she knows it if she’s watching his tweets like a hawk. Something tells me they have been here before. Eh, to each its own but I wouldn’t disrespect my wifey like that.

  13. Hmm I am not married but I would be very upset if my husband did this. It would be hard to trust him after this too. But it ain’t my marriage. *shrugs*

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