Rihanna Having Some Trouble Recording Next Studio Album?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Folks are still waiting for gorgeous pop star Rihanna to drop her eighth studio album, but sources are claiming the hold up is Rihanna just isn’t feeling confident about her musical direction thus far.

The Mirror writes:

After her much hyped Bxxxh Better Have My Money flopped, the Bajan superstar , 27, has dumped a load of material from her upcoming eighth album and is scrambling around for tunes.

It’s been three years since Rihanna’s last album Unapologetic was released and her new one was due out earlier this year but keeps getting pushed back.

A source says: “Rihanna is desperate for an edgy sound that will appeal to a European market as well as America.

“She’s keen to emulate the same smash-hit success she had with Calvin Harris’ We Found Love in 2011. So far she doesn’t feel the songs she has are delivering the full package.

“Her people have put in calls with the best songwriters on their books and requested they drop everything to help.

“Usually writing camps are set up where hundreds of songwriters are invited to spend a few days coming up with tracks for her. This time they’ve gone direct to guaranteed hit-makers as there’s no time to waste.”


  1. She’s 8 albums in. Things get hard for every artist at some point. She’ll figure it out and the album will do well.

  2. I think she made a mistake by pushing the album back so many times. With that said her album won’t flop hate it or love it but her fans are loyal and won’t let it flop so she might as well release the album and keep it moving.

  3. This is why she should have never reduced her self to focusing on number one hits. After a while, people tune you out and you have to come with some quality music to get their attention again. Her first single was decent but it wasn’t a fit for her. And BBHMM is just trash. American Oxygen is boring. She needs to pick songs that stay true to her.

  4. Who cares if her singles aren’t hitting number one. 8 albums in and she thinks she can’t drop an album until she gets another number one hit? Come on Rih! I love you but this is so unnecessary. Drop the album. It will go platinum off the fans alone.

  5. This whole era has been a mess. And now that Kanye is producing the album, I think the album may not even live up to expectations. Kanye’s time as a musical genius ended when he hooked up with Kim.

  6. I think she has to get out the number one hit frame of mind. Black artists ain’t running billboard and the radio like they used to. Everything has been white washed. Tyrese tried to tell them. I think Rihanna thought she would be exempt but she’s not. So she needs to focus on putting out good music and not worry about where it charts anymore. Beyonce had no number one hits, but her album sold millions worldwide and four of her singles went platinum. You don’t need number one hits anymore. Just a loyal following.

  7. This is why that Rihanna stan on here is so worried about Ciara. It hurts her heart to see Rihanna out here flopping and no one even caring about this album anymore so she rather put her attention into Ciara. How much longer was Rihanna supposed to win being mediocre? This was bound to happen. Now the public has Taylor Swift and Katie Perry. Rihanna’s time is over.

    1. There’s so much delusion in this comment. Don’t worry about Rihanna. She will go platinum yet again while Ciara flops in everything she does.

  8. FFS didn’t flop and BBHMM is doing well. People are just so thirsty for her album that they need to make up theories about why it hasn’t been released yet. I think we’ll get it in true Rihanna form – November.

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