Cynthia Bailey Facing Demotion for Attacking Porsha Williams?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day media outlets reported Cynthia Bailey kicked Porsha Williams in the stomach during an explosive argument, and many have taken to social media to pressure the network to punish Cynthia since Porsha seemingly lost her peach for getting violent at the season 6 reunion.

Turns out Bravo may be on the same page as Cynthia’s critics.

TMZ writes:

In the wake of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fight — where Cynthia kicked Porsha — production sources tell us show honchos are reviewing footage of the incident and weighing their options for discipline.

TMZ broke the story … Porsha and Cynthia got into it while shooting a scene on a boat — Porsha called Cynthia a bitch repeatedly … until CB snapped and unleashed a kick.

We’re told producers want to see just how bad (or good, for ratings) the fight was … and there’s a possibility Cynthia could be demoted to the dreaded ‘friend of the cast’ title — as opposed to full cast member. And yes, that would mean a cut in pay too.

As for why PW’s neck isn’t on the line? We’re told there’s no rule against antagonizing — hell, that’s the meat of the show — but getting physical crosses the line.


  1. If Porsha lost her peach they should take Cynthia’s away. She’s boring anyway so it should have happened a long time ago.

      1. Yet it’s Cynthia out here kicking folks in the stomach because they spill that true tea about Peter. Girl. LOL.

  2. They need to demote her. Period. But since she’s on Kenya’s little team, they won’t do that. Kenya just lost Claudia so they ain’t trying to take Cynthia away too. I also find it funny how outraged people pretended to be when Porsha dragged Kenya but it’s crickets now that she was assaulted by Cynthia. People are so fake. LOL.

      1. The queen of RHOA left the show that’s why producers are in panic mode putting everyone up to these stunts to save the sinking ship. You follow me sis?

  3. This is nothing but damage control. Cynthia will keep her peach and they will say they “considered” demoting her but felt like she wasn’t in the wrong. I’m so over RHOA now. It’s just a mess and Nene left just in time.

  4. Well that’s what would be fair regardless of whoever you like on the show nobody should be above punishment. Porsha was demoted for physical altercation and so should Cynthia bottom line.

    1. Cynthia was defending herself. Porsha on the other hand got mad because Kenya read her and she didn’t have a rebuttal.

      1. But ain’t that what happened with Cynthia though? She did have a rebuttal for Porsha giving facts on Peter so she kicked her in the stomach instead? LOL.

        1. Who said this was even about Peter? As terrible as Porsha’s temper is, it could have been about anything. She has anger issues.

      2. Twirl try to be unbiased for a second I understand you don’t like Porsha but RHOA set the precedent that if you physically touch a person that you get demoted. Why should Cynthia not get the same punishment as Porsha you say Cynthia was defending herself but so was Porsha against Kenya and she was still demoted. Nobody should get special treatment if Phaedra hit Kenya she should get demoted I wouldn’t like it but those are the rules.

        1. Because this was self defense. How do you all know Porsha didn’t threaten her first and Cynthia kicked her in defense? This wouldn’t be the first time Porsha has done this.

  5. Demoted for what? Porsha is clearly the problem when she’s been involved in both of the only two altercations on the show.

    1. What do you mean! Porsha fought because she was bullied by Kenya wake still aint got no man a-s! This new Cynthia I am not feeling at all! she needs to get it together because no one likes her anymore! I like her better with NeNe! Cynthia is a difference between speaking up an being a butthole! What she needs to do is boss up on her husband like that but she wont do that huh

  6. The fact that they said they are reviewing it now let’s me know nothing will come from this. They immediately sent Porsha home when she dragged Kenya. And they immediately took her peach away but caved in to bring her back as a friend only because people dragged Andy on Twitter. They are not here for Porsha but keep her around because she has a lot of fans. They actually do like Cynthia because they keep bringing her back even though she’s not that interesting and doesn’t have nearly as many fans as Porsha.

  7. It’s not realistic for them to demote her when they don’t have a lot of casting options right now. If they do this they should make Marlo a housewife.

    1. Marlo? What exactly would Marlo even film about? How she gets fashions from her johns? I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

      1. LOL! I love Marlo. She’s witty and quick on her feet. If she can’t be a housewife, I at least hope Sheree gets her peach back.

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