Rihanna Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna’s love life always makes the headlines, and she’s made it clear that most of the blogs usually get it wrong when reporting on who’s she actually dating.

The latest rumor is Rihanna is dating rapper Travis Scott, and TMZ even got hands on footage of Rihanna and Travis getting cozy at a nightclub recently.

However, Rihanna took to her Instagram account hours ago to let folks know she’s still very much single:

rihanna instagram


    1. She is with him on the low. They were just at the 40/40 club together and she was seen leaving his hotel in the wee hours the next morning. He is beat as fu@k in the face I would deny it too.

  1. Oh how the mighty has fallen. She was just seen waving his hotel at 5am Guess all the backlash and her fans threatening to turn in their navy card got her shook. Sad she can’t even claim Shabba Ranks for fear of losing fans. She is such a disgrace and use to really like her. A grown a$$ women almost 30 calling herself a cu@t.

  2. From what I have seen of him (spitting at people, cursing people out for confusing him with ASAP ect) he seems like a fu@kboy. The kind that will tell all your business when you don’t want to fu@k with them any more. Got a funny feeling he is going to rap about how he smashed once this fling is over. Not sure what Rihanna is thinking messing with this lil boy.

    1. Bet you wouldn’t have believed her and Beavis were even hooking up without the video and pics TMZ released. You would have chalked it up as just one of the many, many, many rumors about her. #ijs LOL

      1. Yeah pretty much lmao. I still like her tho…..just disappointed…..like she is a nice lookin female wit a lot goin on for herself….if your gonna fck wit an ugly a$$ dude then he should be on Jay-Z level….not beneath u. Where r her friends at to get her a bullet and tell her to sit her hot a$$ dwn cuz she doin the most???

        1. Right! She is a pretty girl and successful and all but even I have to admit she is slipping lately. She took a big L with this Travis mess. I’m sorry but EWWW. Her friends seem like they are enablers. What does Melissa do besides follow Rihanna around wherever she goes? Just my opinion.

  3. If she is or she isn’t, what does it matter? These artists don’t owe us anything but their music. Who Rihanna dates is none of our business.

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