T.I. Backtracks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. pretty much suggested he parted ways professionally with Iggy Azalea because she couldn’t stay out of drama and when asked by Hot 97 what was the final straw, he claims it was her Twitter exchange with Hip Hop legend Q-Tip.

Iggy took to Twitter to tell her followers the split is news to her, and now T.I. is backtracking and blaming the media for “taking his words out of context.”

Gossip Cop writes:

In an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, T.I. wanted to “publicly clarify what he meant.” The rapper told the news wire his words were taken out of context, and Azalea is “still my partner.” He further said he considers her a “little sister,” and the two are “focused on making the next Iggy record and dodge the same adversities we faced last time.”


    1. I think you may be right. He went for the jugular with Azealia and some of Tiny’s friends. But somehow Iggy makes him put his tail between his legs and retreat. Very telling.

    1. I think Iggy’s time has come and gone. None of her songs have been doing well since Fancy and even her Britney collab flopped. The only time we hear about her is when she tweets something. She’s essentially the white Azealia Banks but without the actual talent.

  1. But Ebro asked him flat out what it was that made him cut ties with her and that’s when he brought up the Q-Tip thing. No one took anything out of context. He just didn’t tell Iggy he was done with her before the interview and now he’s trying to clean it up because even though Iggy is annoying, what he did was unprofessional. This is him attempting to save himself.

  2. Like I said yesterday neither T.I. or Iggy know how to handle business properly they both look like fools. But T.I. looks like a bigger fool how you cut ties with your artist without notification now he has to back track he has lost all credibility. T.I. ain’t slick though he doesn’t want to deal with Iggy’s antics but he still wants to make money off of her that’s what the real issue is. Distance himself from her publicly but privately still be making money off of her.

      1. How much of his bills is she really paying though? All of her singles after Fancy have struggled, her tour was cancelled due to weak ticket sales, and her Q score is in the pits because she’s not liked by most. She’s more of a liability than an asset now.

  3. Yeah I lost respect for him after all he has done to his own damn wife and then act like he’s Heathclif Huxtable……I mean if ur gonna be unprofessional and messy then stick to it….now he’s doing exactly what Iggy say he would after she did exactly what he said she would…..but he’s lookin FAKE and CRAZY out here. And like others have said if that bish Iggy were Black he wouldn’t even showed all his newfound respect

  4. I knew he was going to do this. And all this does is inflate Iggy’s ridiculous ego even more. She’s still a flop though.

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