Wale Slams BET

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Hip Hop artist Wale’s latest studio album, “The Album About Nothing,” got high marks and immense praise from music publications and plenty of folks on social media, but he still feels he doesn’t get enough credit.

When it comes to awards and accolades, Wale oftentimes comes up short. And it’s a situation that angers him deeply.

He even went off on Complex Magazine when he didn’t make the 50 Best Albums of 2013 list.

And now he’s pretty much over BET since he didn’t rack up the Hip Hop Awards nominations (read tweets from top to bottom):

wale twitter


  1. Honestly I was thinking the same thing. BET needs to do better with the nomination process. His album is better than Kendrick’s newest one.

  2. After they clowned Blue Ivy the way they did, it was clear to me BET doesn’t really f-ck with half the artists they call up to attend their award shows. If they will diss Bey and Jay, no artist is safe. More and more artists see that now so they pay BET dust.

  3. He’s still emotional as sh-t and a new black, but I agree with him. They ignore him all the time and it’s not fair.

  4. All award shows are pointless now to be honest. People don’t even watch as much anymore. I’ll take BET over all those other dry award shows though.

  5. He’s right. He was snubbed and he doesn’t need BET that much anymore. Times have changed. These networks need the artists more than they need them. You can become a star from social media alone.

  6. Now I like Wale but he needs to own up to some of the snubs he’s getting. He’s not really putting in the work to get out of Kendrick and J. Cole’s shadows. Cole and Kendrick are both consistent with putting out good music. Wale isn’t even though his last album is quality. If he spent less time tweeting, he could be much bigger and on the same playing field as them. He definitely has the talent.

  7. I think he just said what a lot of artists are thinking. I mean not many celebs care about BET anymore. Yes they should support their own but this is the same network that bashed a little black girl’s kinky hair. They have lost their way and I hope they find it again soon because I want to support it.

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