Peter Thomas Not Happy with RHOA Producers?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season eight of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” premieres in November, and the network recently confirmed the storylines for all of the stars.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas had some controversy months ago when a video of Peter Thomas flirting with another woman went viral, and many began to suspect the couple were doing the most just so Cynthia could hold on to her peach.

But now sources say the drama between Peter and Cynthia is very real, and Peter is annoyed it’s going to be a hot topic next season.

Click next to find out why Peter is reportedly at odds with RHOA producers.

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  1. They can only film what these fools willingly give them. If Peter was a good husband, he wouldn’t be out here flirting with other women.

  2. I really think Cynthia knows it’s time to let Peter go but she doesn’t want the embarrassment of proving so many people right. It’s pride keeping her married to him.

  3. He can’t be mad at anyone but himself. He has no business kissing on other women. Cynthia is better than me because I would have been out a long time ago if I was her. Not only does he blow all her money on flop businesses, but he can’t even keep his hands to himself.

  4. And I have 0 sympathy for him or Cynthia. It was all good when he stayed sticking his nosey a** in Porsha and Phaedra’s marriage. Get the f*** out of here nobody is about to feel sorry for them. I knew this was coming I said this last year by being involved in other people relationships they put a target on their back and now the producers are exploiting it this is karma. The only reason why I want to watch RHOA is to see Cynthia and Peter to get their karma.

  5. This is what f-ck boys do. They blame everyone else for the bulls-t they do. The producers didn’t make him get out here and kiss all up on random b-tches in the club. HIs old a-s did it on his own because Cynthia’s money has him feeling himself.

  6. When the producers were all up in Porsha’s divorce, and Apollo and Phaedra’s troubles he was right there front and center sipping the tea. Not one ounce of sympathy from my corner…

  7. I still can’t believe Cyn is an Aquarius but she knows deep down inside….what she gotta do….Peter on the other hand needs to stfu as long as he keeps wasting Cyn’s money on flops biznesses……and like the attn of bishes giving him a lil attn cuz his no good a$$ is on tv he will be a puppet and do wat the producers want him to do…..cuz it was okay to run wit the whole Phaedra and Mr Chocolate thing and asking Porsha and blaming Porsha for her failed marriage

  8. Fake! Fake! Fake! Grasping at straws for a story line. Bye Peachter just go and take your dumb a.. wife with you.

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