Is the Friendship Over? Mia Thornton Calls Peter Thomas Messy

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Wendy Osefo and Peter Thomas’ failed business deal was the root of the blowup with Mia Thornton.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton is having another controversial season. Fans had a lot to say after she assaulted Wendy Osefo during the girls’ trip to Miami. Turns out Mia was friends with Peter Thomas. And the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband told her that a potential business deal didn’t work out with Wendy. He blamed her for the holdup. Wendy had approached him about opening up a Nigerian lounge. Interestingly enough, Wendy filmed scenes with Eddie Osefo in which they discussed the business idea. Eddie told her that he didn’t think it was something she was ready for.

Well, Mia decided to confront Wendy about her business dealings with Peter. They ended up arguing and Mia later assaulted Wendy with her drink and purse. What confused Wendy about the whole situation is she thought it was strange that Mia would be so passionate about her business deal not working out with Peter.

In response to this, Wendy later had an interesting conversation with Candiace Dillard Bassett, Ashley Darby, and Karen Huger. And Wendy alleged that Peter actually told her that Mia crossed his ex-girlfriend. So his friendship with Mia wasn’t the best. And this is why Wendy was caught completely off-guard by Mia’s actions.

As for Mia, she later told Karen that she allegedly hooked up with Peter’s ex-girlfriend before she married Gordon Thornton. And the woman was one of Mia’s bridesmaids.

Peter Thomas rubbed Mia Thornton the wrong way.

Mia had more interesting things to say about Peter and his ex in an interview with

She told the publication that she and Peter’s ex have hashed out their issues. But she now feels like Peter is messy.

“I have spoken with her since the show has aired and she’s sorry, but I told her I’m not upset at her at all. At the time, she was upset at me about something and she confided in her boyfriend. She had every right to do so. The person that we’re a little bit ‘ehh OK’ about is Peter. We’re like, why would you tell someone that you just met about personal family business? Where’s that coming from other than just being plain messy?”

Peter received some backlash from some “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans on social media. They accused him of being messy and instigating drama between Wendy and Mia. He responded to the backlash in an interview. And he said that he didn’t care about fans being offended because he had to bring the drama in order to promote his BarOne business.


  1. Nene told everyone Peter was a b-tch. He loves being in women’s business. Mia is tooo much. She thinks she’s the shit and everyone is jealous of her. She needs to remember she came from the gentleman’s club. She better be glad Gordon took her off the pole.

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