B.O.B. is Being Messy?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper B.O.B. and Sevyn Streeter have been dating for several months now, and things were going so good Sevyn has praised the relationship in multiple interviews.

However, for the last few days, folks have been speculating that the couple may have called it quits because Sevyn has been tweeting some shady tweets but we figured she was just tweeting song lyrics.

Then B.O.B. decided to be messy and post a couple of photos of another woman on his Instagram account hours ago.

Too bad he’s been accused of just pulling a publicity stunt.

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  1. I’m telling you most of these artists feel like they have to pull stunts now. It’s sad. It’s not even about the music anymore.

  2. I said from day one that him and Sevyn were pulling a publicity stunt. They probably had publicists sending blogs some stuff about them but none of the blogs were really interested. I bet they are still together too. Sevyn and Bob are very talented. But they are getting desperate and need the blogs to care about them. It’s a business and if no one is checking for you, you will never blow up. Everybody wants a scandal now.

    1. Thank you. I’m sure Sevyn was in on it too. She’s cool but she gives me thirsty for fame vibes and always has.

  3. Yes, his a-s was being messy and thirsty as fk. And Ms Thotlanta wasn’t much better agreeing to go along with the shenanigans. Moral of this story is keep your relationship off the gram. 9 times outta 10 if you’re telling me all the sh-t you’re doing in the bedroom, it ain’t really happening.

  4. He’s going to forever be clowned for this. You don’t pull this kind of mess in the social media age because people will always have the receipts when needed.

  5. Damn I like BOB this was a real bozo move…..lmao……how about just be a great artist……and sneak around doing u l….it seems like they care more when u sneak in around minding your own bizness. I remember when Taraji called out Mary J. bilge when they made hat Tyler Perry movie…saying that “Mary called up the blogs to catch her out at a restaurant wit Taraji….just SMDH ?????

  6. It was always something about this dude I never liked. Now I see it’s the fact that he’s corny and really fake.

  7. Wasn’t Sevyn out here saying never turning your boo down when they ask for s*x keeps them from acting a fool? Stunt or not, this is interesting.

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