B.O.B. Confirms Split with Sevyn Streeter + Denies Publicity Stunt Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day B.O.B. made headlines because he started putting up photos of another woman who is not Sevyn Streeter on his Instagram account, and many felt the move was very disrespectful.

However, not too long after the young woman started getting accused of breaking up his relationship with Sevyn, a friend of hers claimed B.O.B. contacted the woman and asked her to pretend they were a thing so the blogs would pick up the story.

B.O.B. is clapping back at the accusations, and he claims it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

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  1. damn I thought Sevyn was giving up the a$$ whenever this cornball asked??? I am puzzled as to why he’s now acting thirsty for a$$ and attn….like wtf is goin on….now Sevyn looks crazy another fck boy bites he dust lmao

  2. See this is why you never should be foolish enough to think giving a man s-x whenever he wants will keep him. This idiot right here lacks character and I hope Sevyn sees that now.

  3. He is so hurt it’s so obvious that’s why he been doing the most lately. He is trying to make Sevyn mad but in the process he looking like a corny lame.

  4. Bobby Ray needs to shut his b-tch a-s up! Who the hell refers to themselves in the 3rd person anyway? Wit his corny a-s!

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