Iyanla Vanzant Calls out Karrueche Tran & Christina Milian

On being thrown under the bus by Karrueche and Christina, Iyanla says the following:

“I really don’t appreciate when we as women become uncomfortable and we attack other women. So let me just put it out there. Her manager was the one guiding and directing her being on this interview with me and wanted to use me to promote her career. But I am who I am. And showed up to do what I do.

“Karrueche was fine. The manager didn’t think it would be supportive of her. And I’m an elder, so when I walk into a situation with two women, two young women and one is watching the other being dogged out, you got to tell me why you didn’t check that. You got to tell me why you let her be in that. You need to pull her to the side. And that’s what I told them.

“They didn’t put it on the air. But they’re not going to throw me under the bus. I don’t ambush people. I could have stayed myself in Maryland. I didn’t have to come here. She called me. So as women, we need to be mindful about how we treat other women. And I’m an elder. Watch it because I can put your business in the streets quick.”

Check out the video below. The Karrueche talk starts at the 9:20 mark.

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  1. Christina wasn’t going to tell Karrueche to do better because she was in Wayne’s harem at the time. That would have been very hypocritical.

  2. Did Iyanla really need to clarify this? It’s been clear since jump that Karrueche is a got damn opportunist and that damn manager of hers ain’t sh-t either. They use every damn body. Chris included. Sh-t they ain’t even together anymore and Karrueche’s dry a-s is still talking about Chris for attention.

  3. Christina had no problem with Karrueche dating Chris because she knows Kae was with Chris for the same reasons she was with Wayne. That’s all I have to say.

  4. I’m starting to see Karrueche and Christina are cut from the same cloth in many ways. Anyway, I like Iyanla. She will tell you about yourself in a heartbeat.

  5. Apparently folks only realise how slimy Jacob York is after the fact. He had thoughts of using Iyanla to make Kae look like a victim….but that backfired. He needs to be counting his lucky stars that mad as she is, Iyanla kept it cute and didn’t put Kae and Christina’s business on front like I’d wanted her to.

  6. I think we figured this much when it happened. Now Iynala does make money from people’s problems but it’s not like the people she “fixes” aren’t using her too. A lot of them are washed up and want to talk to her for the attention.

    1. This is true. I mean DMX didn’t change a bit according to his son so clearly he and others only went on there to become relevant again.

  7. Please Kae was in a much more better situation wit using her cuteness and c–ch than CM…..Bcuz she was A NOBODY and CB fckn wit her made her a KNOWN NOBODY. CM actually started wit an legitimate career but she thought that using her cuteness and cooch would push her further….all it got is her an appearance wit a gremlin on an award show singing a wack a$$ song wit a wack a$$ dress on…so how, why and would she tell Kae to do better when Kae was doing better than her in life LMAO…and I’m glad Iyanla let them bishes Knw wat time it is…..she has dirt on Yall dummies that some1 cares to hear (not me) I already figured these bishes are hoes so wat else is there to Knw

  8. Karrueche has always been fake. I laugh thinking about how many people swore she was so innocent when she was dating Chris and kept taking him back. She took him back all those times because she was trying to get some fame and make a career out of it. People are so gullible.

  9. Karrueche, Iyanla and Christina all annoy me to some degree. But I feel where Iyanla is coming from. They tried to hurt her credibility just because they were so thirsty to try to make Karrueche happen. I mean what’s Kae’s plan in three years? By then will the public even care about her anymore?

  10. I agree with what she said about Christina. No real friend will sit back and watch a man dog you out and not pull you to the side and tell you to do better. Christina is only cool with Kae because Kae had a lot of people’s attention. Christina will date and befriend anybody if it will get her some attention.

  11. And everybody was feeling so sorry for Kae when her and her fat slimy a$$ manager plan the whole interview for publicity. I’m glad Iyanla is calling them out on their bullsh!t. But watch Kae Stan’s try to flip this LOL.

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