Momma Dee Explains the Harsh Words She Had for Erica Dixon’s Mom

Apparently the dig Momma Dee used for Erica’s mom was in reference to her past with substance abuse.

Erica was open in the first season about having a rocky relationship with her mom due to her mom’s issues with substance abuse, so it’s no surprise it’s the low blow Momma Dee would go for during a confrontation.

When a follower recently asked her on Twitter what she meant when she told Erica’s mom to “Smoke a straight shooter, b*tch,” she had no problems explaining.

Read tweets from top to bottom:

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  1. Now had Erica or her mom brought up Momma Dee’s past with drugs (I wouldn’t put it past her), Scrappy and Momma Dee would be crying about how wrong and dirty that was. They are always the victims.

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