David Justice Calls out Halle Berry

Years ago Halle Berry revealed that an ex of hers was abusive throughout their relationship.

She also claimed the mystery man beat her so bad that she went deaf in one ear.

Since Halle never confirmed the ex’s identity (she would only confirm that he’s a part of Hollywood), it left room for many to speculate.

Unfortunately for David Justice, he’s been one of the exes some have suspected was abusive towards Halle.

So when multiple media outlets and folks on social media began to label him as the violent ex in their current stories about Halle and Olivier’s split, he took to Twitter to set the record straight.

He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

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  1. Look I have no problem with him clearing his name up but he should have stopped there. There was no need to go any further. Anyone with sense understands Halle has some issues and picks the wrong men.

  2. Halle has got to stop blaming all these men for her failure at relationships. It’s coming back to bit her really bad.

    1. In my opinion they are responsible as well. Both parties. It takes two to make a relationship and a marriage work.

  3. I think Halle needs to just give up on marriage and enjoy the money she will have left after she pays child support and alimony to all these ex husbands. Marriage ain’t for everybody.

  4. He only tweeted what a lot of people have already been saying. And right now Halle’s camp is out here bashing Olivier in the media and saying he was jealous of her success but Halle ain’t been A list in years. Her TV show flopped and she was fired from X-Men. That woman is a piece of work.

  5. Well I guess I am too young to even know who David Justice is but I heard that the 1 that beat her till she went deaf was WS…..even Christopher Williams confirmed that because they were saying it was him and he had to clear his name citing that they pretty much black balled him and his career after that rumor……..but damn…dude went in….he talking like he wants to start a therapy group for all of Halle’s ex’s…….lmao….maybe she don’t need to be in a relationship for a long time or 4ever until she figures out why she has been having relationship issues for the past 30yrs lol

  6. Halle should have just said from jump who abused her so it wouldn’t cause confusion. She knew what she was doing. I used to be a big fan of hers but I’m starting to see she really does throw men under the bus when they break up.

  7. I’m pretty sure her lawyers already know what the deal is everything she gets married.. They stay ready from first day of marriage

  8. It’s been well known that Wesley Snipes is the one that beat her and caused her to be deaf in one ear not him. But why is he saying this now way to kick someone when they down. I would have had no problem had he said this years ago right after him. He strategically waited until she had multiple failed relationships to down talk her. Is Halle innocent no she isn’t but to put 100% of the blame on her for all these failed relationships isn’t fair.

  9. Someone tweeted something on Twitter that makes a good point. They said Halle is seen as a failure for her failed marriages while Steve Harvey is seen as a relationship expert for his. That’s real.

  10. Halle is crazy period. It’s easy to point at the faults of all her exes but baby girl can’t attract a healthy relationship to save her life. That is a personal problem she needs to handle.

  11. is halle any different than jlo,drew barrymore,demi moore or half women in hollywood who have been married multiple times funny never hear them get backlash for their multiple marriages

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