Halle Berry’s Ex Eric Benet Adds His Two Cents

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Halle Berry isn’t having the best week.

It was confirmed several days ago that she and fellow actor Olivier Martinez have given up on their marriage, and although the divorce rate in this country proves she’s not the only one struggling to make the concept of marriage work, many are still fixated with the fact that this is failed marriage number three for Halle.

Even Halle’s ex-husband David Justice felt the need to point this out in his recent Twitter rant.

But it seems he won’t be the only ex to take to Twitter to give his two cents.

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  1. Sh-t they are coming for Halle’s edges and I find this sh-t hilarious as f-ck. Messy men ain’t playing in 2015.

  2. It really just blows my mind that men that haven’t even been in a relationship with this woman for 10 to 20 years are still salty. These are men who are married and have children and if she was such a problem and a headache why even speak about her she ain’t your problem anymore. Had this been 2 women speaking about an ex they would be labeled bitter b-tches so why aren’t Eric & David labeled bitter b-tches is my question?

    1. Thank you! David was a drug abuser who ruined his career and marriage, while Eric admitted he cheated several and went to therapy. I’m waiting to see how those issues were her problems. Especially since she adopted Eric’s daughter India and then he took her to court for spousal support. Again, I’m waiting to see her faults in this scenario. He and David sound bitter, and remotional as hell.

    2. Girl bye. They are being called bitter so save the faux feminism bs. I’m sure y’all will make excuses for Halle when she’s on failed marriage number 4 and 5.

      1. Fake feminism girl you need to educate your damn self because any woman or anybody with half a brain knows women are held to harsher standards and that’s all I’m highlighting. Had this been 2 women speaking about an ex they would have immediately been called bitter no questions asked. From what I’ve read the last couple of days the majority was Halle is crazy she can’t keep a man it’s all her fault. And I’m not saying Halle is innocent because she clearly has some issues but my issue with these men speaking out now when she is going through a divorce and specifically blaming her for the breakup. Why kick her when she’s down ain’t like she been with these men in the last couple of years she ain’t been with David in 20 or Eric in 10. But I see my whole point flew over you simple mind but whatever do you.

        1. Again, fake feminism! You can go on Twitter and look at their mentions and see how many people are calling them bitter, salty…etc! Get over yourself.

  3. I think it’s naive for anyone to just fault the men here or to just fault Halle. Marriages take work on both sides. I don’t think anyone involved in these situations has a right to claim innocence. And that includes Halle. Regardless of how childish these men are, she has to sit down and figure out why she’s not picking the right men to be in her life. We all have power over who we let in our lives. If we make the wrong choices, we will pay for them.

    1. You’re absolutely right that dhe needs to do some soul searching, but again why is a man who cheated on her numerous times and is a self confessed sex addict feeling a need to comment on a woman who he was married to 10 years ago and who’s situation has nothing to do with him? When Kevin Hart’s ex did that she was labeled bitter, same.thing with Usher’s.

  4. Please. I’m so tired of women being forced to side with Halle. She DOES use the media to drag these men when the marriages don’t work out. She’s doing it right now with Olivier. She has her people lying and saying he’s jealous of her success when we all know damn well Halle’s career ain’t been the same in like ten years. She was just fired from X-men and her TV show was cancelled. All women don’t have to ride with Halle on this. I’m so sick of that even being up for debate. Any person, man or woman who has been divorced three times ain’t innocent! And don’t bring up Steve Harvey. I don’t care for him either and he’s a damn fraud.

  5. But wait…as I recall David got caught with some man/girl prostitute and Eric slept with all her friends because of his “s-x addiction.” Guess they forgot about that. I mean obviously she has a bad picker and is a little cuckoo, but I hate when men act women are crazy for NO reason. They doing the same thing once upon time David was trying to get home runs for her and Eric was whining in his music trying to get her back so yeah…

    1. Girl bye. Don’t slander David like that. And can’t no man make no grown woman crazy. We all have a choice. Yall need to get out of here with this mess acting like we aren’t capable of having self control and being in control of our lives and feelings. One minute we’re asking for equality and the next we’re just weak little human beings. Which is it?!

      1. I believe Halle does try to ruin men when their relationships come to an end. She may have never said David beat but she never stopped the rumor mill either. Folks may know it was Wesley now but for years there was speculation and she did nothing to squash it. And as for Eric, I believe he may have cheated but I don’t think he was a s-x addict. That’s something Halle’s team came up with to protect her image because why would anyone cheat on fine as Halle. Plus she abandoned his daughter India after taking on a mother figure. Gabriel became Satan after the break-up. Now she’s slowly working on Olivier claiming he was jealous of her success. Okay Halle.

    2. Are we still supposed to pretend Halle got that good good and keeps men wrapped around her finger lmao? Ok then.

  6. Not trying to start a war on here but it’s hard for me not to think someone has some kind of issues if they have multiple failed marriages. No one forced Halle to marry any of these men. So the victim role doesn’t suit her and it doesn’t suit them either because they weren’t forced to marry her either. What we have here is immature adults who had no business being together let alone getting married. But I do think it’s soft to tweet about an ex though. That’s never G.

  7. Halle trashes her exes in the press and now they are trashing her on Twitter. What a mess. That’s why it’s best to not speak negatively about your exes. There’s really nothing that needs to be said when it ends. Just wish people the best and move on with your life. It’s wasted energy anyway.

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