Toya Wright Doesn’t Mind Memphitz Sleeping with Other Women

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Memphitz and Toya’s marriage has surely endured its ups and downs, and Toya claimed in an interview that the accusations of abuse K Michelle made about her estranged hubby took a toll on the marriage.

The couple even separated for a short period of time, but now they are hoping to work on their marriage and stay together.

A divorce seems unlikely for the couple but that didn’t stop them from signing up for the upcoming season of “Untying the Knot.”

In a preview for the Bravo reality show, Memphitz confirms Toya gives him a “hall pass” and she allows him to spend eight days away from her to sleep with whoever he pleases.

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  1. So Toya said she didn’t want to be with Wayne anymore because she didn’t want to share her man but she still ended up sharing Memphitz anyway?

  2. So why even be married then? He doesn’t want to live together and needs 8 days a year to sleep around. This isn’t a marriage.

  3. Toya is such a dumba-s. She was all high and mighty when she first married this broke a-s woman beater, and now she’s been coming down off the high ever since K put his crazy a-s on blast. All those honeymoon pictures and shade she was throwing but she’s still sharing the d-ck and no better than Christina Milian.

  4. So where are all the people on IG and Twitter who were calling these idiots relationship goals? They just swore K was lying and jealous but no she was saying the truth. Memphitz has mental issues.

    1. They’re somewhere feeling stupid. I never bought the hype with Toya and Memphitz. I always believed K was telling the truth.

  5. He is probably doing this a lot longer than 8 days a year. When you tell a man it’s ok to cheat, he’s going to do a lot of it.

  6. Whats the point of being married or even in a relationship. We can now add Toya to the list for loser of the year she can have a seat next to Meek and Blac Chyna.

  7. This is what happens when a woman is desperate to be married. Instead of being patient and waiting on God to send them a good man, they rush into these bad marriages with bums.

    1. Girl, signs?! That N word got that ish on his forehead and chest like a neon sign. His phuck boy tactics proves he ain’t no man just a male child obsessed w/playing with his dingaling

  8. Toya is such a fool. Memphitz brings absolutely nothing to the table but problems. At least Lil Wayne was able to get Toya and Reginae out the hood. Memphitz is a zero.

  9. If that test comes back positive I wonder if she’ll feel he was worth it? And I aint talking about pregnancy either! HIV/AIDS is alive and well in these streets and sheets. It is still a killer. Its relevant as hell especially for Black People. Celebrities A or Z list are not immune.

    Toya is definitely running on empty when it comes to self respect and dignity. But its obvious she’s had no role models since she’s playing house with boys the moment she got her first period. Poor example being set for her daughter. Memphetiz is a sorry a-s, trifling basic N***er who knows how to prey on women lacking self love. Irrelevant as F*k. So putting hands on women and sticking his community d-ck in random various orifices is what he thinks makes him a man.

    File this under desperate and pathetic.

  10. Ok HBIC already bought up the STD angle I was going to bring up so I’ll bring up the pregnancy angle. How will Toya feel if Memphitz ends up getting one of those side chicks pregnant? It’s all fun and games until you catch a STD or one of those broads end up pregnant.

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