Kendrick Lamar Says He May Stop Performing Songs from ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s latest studio album “To Pimp a Butterfly” is critically acclaimed, and it didn’t take the album long to go gold.

While Kendrick clearly has a solid fan base, the rapper ran into some problems at some of his recent performances performing tracks from the album because a lot of the crowd wasn’t into it.

Some sites even claimed that audience members who walked out of his recent shows seemed more interested in Future.

Interestingly enough, Kendrick told a crowd at one of his recent shows that he may stop performing tracks from the album.

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  1. I didn’t listen to the whole album as of yet…..but all future is doing is mumbling, sounding high talking about drugs and soda…..Kendrick shouldn’t feel no way. Most of the youth is on drugs and are in special Ed anyway.

  2. This is truly a lost generation but it isn’t surprising because these dumb a-s kids nowadays don’t appreciate good music. They rather listen to Future who you can barely understand instead of Kendrick who is spitting some real. This is the world we live in today where popularity trumps talent sad but true.

    1. Or maybe some ppl don’t listen to music for fu*kin “substance” and go to school n interact with people for “substance”. Music should take you places you can’t visit and IMO Kendricks boring as* ain’t doing that

  3. Who went to the concert and expected him to perform songs from his new album? I think is a nice body of work butI have to be in he mood to listen to it. I consider it a mood album.

  4. TPAB is just not the kind of album everyone will love and be able to vibe to. And he’s going to have to make peace with that.

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