Jeezy Explains Why He’s Disappointed with President Obama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

President Obama is wrapping up his last term in the White House, and although he made history by becoming the first black President, some in the black community are critical of his accomplishments.

Rapper Jeezy was happy to see Obama clinch two terms, but he admits he thought he’d see more change.

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  1. I’m tired of folks passing the buck. Jeezy has been a rapper LONGER than PBO has been in power! What have you done for our community Jeezy?! Please…. I’ll wait…..

    You can’t come down on ANYONE if you yourself isn’t setting a prime example. Stop making songs about belittling black women & creating a drug culture for our young kids…. THEN you can talk about what the next man is doing.

    1. Jeezy thinks because he gives out a few turkeys on Thanksgiving, that’s enough, which it isn’t. I can’t stand people like this.

  2. So I guess Jeezy doesn’t understand how many black people finally got good health insurance thanks to Obama. I guess Jeezy didn’t hear about the program Obama started to help people pay their mortgages. Someone I know is only paying like a hundred a month now and she’s black. She lost her job and the program saved her. And she’s not the only black person benefiting from it either. I can go on but these are the kind of things you won’t read on CNN. It’s up to the individual to do their research.

  3. Who gives a sh-t? Jeezy is the same one who has been glamorizing the trap lifestyle. As much as rap music has f-cked up the black community, he has no business talking.

  4. He really needs to research before he speaks because Obama has done a lot. But who is Jeezy think he is to call out the President like he has done so much for the community he really has a lot of nerve.

  5. “…I thought we were gonna wake up and it was gonna all be better.
    ” Really?? You really thought that? Jeezy is another who has a platform; use it in your space of the world to make it better BECAUSE you have a black president.

  6. Black people always tryna put other balck folks down…Obama has been the instrument of change that we needed. Years after he is gone out of office, change will still be happening. What can Jezzy say he has done to evoke any type of change…even in his own community?

  7. Jeezy seems to forget that all politics are local. if the voters that turn up for Obama election had turn up for governors and state houses election then they would have gotten more. Republican controls most of the state government. why? because the republican vote in local election.

  8. das wut yall get for considerin mfs with “other mama’s” as black. the 1 drop rule was game to get thirsty Ns to mix in order make infiltration easier by putting mixed in charge in order to push “their” agendas. cause nothing can move forward without black american alchemy being involved or backing it. wake the fq up

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