Keyshia Cole’s Husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson Shades Gucci Mane For Talking Reckless

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Keyshia Cole’s husband throw some shade at Gucci Mane? Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy’s long standing beef has yet to simmer down as it was recently reignited after both rappers went on their own interviews not too long ago. Jeezy and Gucci were both asked about their opinions of the backstage scuffle that went down between Jeezy and Rick Ross. After serving up their opinions on the situation, it didn’t take long for the shots to be fired as Gucci and Jeezy were questioned about the status of their own beef. Young Jeezy took his swipes at Gucci Mane on air but Gucci however didn’t stop at his interview. His shot firing at Jeezy went beyond the radio as he took to his Twitter account to go in on Jeezy some more, Rick Ross chiming in too. Gucci’s track “Truth” was what really set things off even more as he pulled other artists’ names in the mix, one of them being Keyshia Cole. On the track, Gucci claims that Keyshia slept with Diddy while her and Jeezy were dating. It didn’t take long at all for Keyshia to address Gucci’s claim, saying it was a lie. We peeped Keyshia’s response to the rumors but what did her husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson have to say about Gucci talking crazy about his wife?

Well Booby isn’t fazed by Gucci’s comments, nor has it changed how he feels about his wife:

However, he definitely took time out to shade Gucci from his Twitter account, tweeting a pic of Keyshia with the caption “Just when I think she can’t get anymore Beautiful. She sends me a pic like this. This why they can’t keep her name out they mouth.”:

I’m sure Gucci will have something to say about this.


  1. Aww. He had to speak up for his wife. And hell naw, he was NOT going to go directly after Gucci. Gucci has killed people before. Booby ain’t stupid. lmao

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