Toya Wright Claps Back at Christina Milian’s Sister

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya Wright has been in the headlines plenty as of late because of her rocky marriage with Memphitz, and their decision to go on Bravo’s “Untying the Knot” to air out their issues just hasn’t been sitting well with some folks.

On the reality show, Memphitz revealed Toya gives him an annual eight-day hall pass to sleep with other women, and when folks tried to call Toya out for it on social media, she claimed she felt her critics were just close minded.

In the end, Toya did confirm that she and Memphitz are in the middle of a divorce, so that’s one of the main reasons people don’t understand why she felt the need to shade Christina Milian.

But Toya didn’t let her second failed marriage keep her from being shady and she found out pretty quickly that Christina’s sister Liz wasn’t having it.

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  1. Both of them are dumb a-s birds. To even argue over who’s the biggest bird would be pointless. A bird is a bird. It’s just hilarious that Toya thinks she’s more than what she is because of who knocked her up when she was a teenager. That’s some sad sh-t.

  2. I’m sorry but Toya needs to have a seat. She really does seem pressed about Christina and that’s embarrassing.

  3. All I know is Christina had a career way before she got with Lil Wayne. Yeah she may date for relevance and tracks now, but no man is the sole reason for her having a career. We can’t say that for Toya so she needs to humble herself.

  4. I’m not understanding why Toya is more concerned about Christina and what her sister says than what Kmichelle said about her husband. Like I said I won’t fault Christina for taking up for her sister. But what does this say about Toya jump fly against Christina and her fam about Wayne but was quiet as a mouse when Kmichelle ripped her husband thats a weak a-s female.

  5. Toya needs to get some real business about herself. For her to say she’s such a business woman, why does she always have so much free time to keep worrying about her ex husband and who he’s sleeping with? Get a life.

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