Draya Thinks Social Media and Reality TV is Hurting Her Generation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya got her start at fame thanks to “Basketball Wives LA,” but she decided to make season four her last on the VH1 reality show because she started to loathe filming with the other ladies.

Now Draya has set her ambition on acting, and with a couple of movies under her belt, she now wants to pursue acting full-time.

While she’s done with reality television for now, she feels it’s the perfect time to speak her mind about it.

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  1. Girl shut up! You weren’t complaining when you were getting exposure from it, so please have several seats.

  2. Ummmm isn’t that how she got exposure…..she’s the girl Kanye….always saying some shyt but then do things that contradict what they say

  3. She must have forgotten she wouldn’t have that ring if it weren’t for social media and reality television. She really needs to humble herself.

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