Draya Thinks Social Media and Reality TV is Hurting Her Generation

Several weeks ago Draya took to her Twitter account to call out the dangers of reality television and she even told her followers that she feels like watching reality shows ruins one’s brain.

Draya has also been pretty vocal in the past about her issues with social media as well, and from her experience, a lot of folks use social media to be hurtful and negative.

The former reality star saw firsthand how hurtful social media can be considering how many times folks have made jokes about her parenting.

When you take all that into consideration, it’s no surprise why Draya is not feeling social media and reality shows these days.

She tweets:

draya twitter

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  1. Ummmm isn’t that how she got exposure…..she’s the girl Kanye….always saying some shyt but then do things that contradict what they say

  2. She must have forgotten she wouldn’t have that ring if it weren’t for social media and reality television. She really needs to humble herself.

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