Cynthia Bailey Feels She Overreacted During Confrontation with Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you caught last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you saw the beginning of Cynthia Bailey’s blowup with Porsha Williams.

The confrontation resulted in Cynthia kicking Porsha in the stomach, and Porsha going to the hospital for injuries.

Although Cynthia claimed in interviews she felt threatened so she felt the need to defend herself, she now admits she may have overreacted.

She writes the following in her Bravo blog:

In my opinion, the word “b*tch” can be used in fun as a term of endearment or disrespectfully as an insult. It depends on the tone and context in which it is used and interpreted. How did Porsha and I go from having fun and kicking it to a heated confrontation, when all I was attempting to do was try to prevent Kenya from kicking her friend Shamea off the boat? Was it wise to get caught in the line of fire to try to diffuse a bomb that was never intended for me? Looking back, probably not. Maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut, sat back with the other ladies, and watched the fireworks. Porsha and I were having a great time together until we had a breakdown in communication, which turned into a major misunderstanding. That combined with several cocktails and disrespect of personal space took the conversation somewhere it was never meant to go. When I walked away from everyone in pursuit of peace to speak with Kenya on behalf of Shamea, the last thing that I expected to hear from Porsha was “whatever b*tch.” I felt like my friendship with Kenya and my good intentions were being mocked when she called me a bitch in that moment. I perceived it to be disrespectful, whether that was her actual intent or not. Looking back, I think I may have misjudged Porsha’s intentions and overreacted. The only thing that I was focused on was going to speak with Kenya to allow Shamea to remain on the boat.


Interestingly enough, Cynthia blames Porsha’s physical dragging of Kenya at the reunion a couple of years ago as to why she felt the need to get physical.

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  1. This b-tch has a million and one excuses for why she backtracked on her own beliefs. The truth is her weak a-s got drunk and she was just itching to go off on somebody because her husband treats her like sh-t. She even got disrespectful with Kandi’s pregnant a-s before she got into it with Porsha. Im just waiting for the day she comes at Peter’s cheating a-s this gully.

    1. I agree with you boo, misguided anger isn’t good for the soul. If you really had to time to reflect and RE collect you would’ve thought you overreacted when you twerked your a-s to the other side of the boat. I can take it now cause thousands of people commented on your Instagram and twitter but carry the fake sh-t on somewhere else. Cynthia is weak and goes whatever way the wind go

  2. So she hit Porsha first because she said she felt threatened but she said Porsha was wrong for hitting Kenya first because she felt threatened. The hypocrisy is hard to ignore.

  3. So she’s not going to address the fact that she talked aggressively to Porsha and put her hands all in her face before Porsha finally snapped? I feel like Cynthia was the aggressor in this situation.

    1. Exactly! She was standing over Porsha calling her out her name and had her fingers and hands all up in her face. But when it was done to her suddenly she felt threatened? Bih please! She had stored up aggression for Peter and took it out in Porsha, simple as that!

  4. This was a dumb blog and she could have kept this. I don’t like Porsha but I can’t lie and say she started it from what we saw last night. Cynthia was on 10 when she didn’t need to be.

  5. A lot of people agree Cynthia did way too much. You can tell Porsha was being playful and was genuinely shocked Cynthia got so upset.

  6. She can’t spin this no matter how hard she tries. You can’t say you felt threatened when you’re the one who popped off first.

  7. Oh gawd Cynthia needs to save this bullshyt….she is supposedly too classy and old to be doing the most and saying the most….she really makes me mad that she is an Aquarius…she is so fckn embarrassing to my sign. And Kenya’s fake hating a$$ when soon as things go left (cuz of Cynthia) she was ova there calling people “Thots” man IDk if I could stay on a show wit a bunch of fake a$$ bishes even if I am getting paid.

  8. She’s only saying this now because she is seeing a lot of people feel she was the one in the wrong. These women hang out all the time and call each other b’s and thots all day long but now it’s a problem for Cynthia? LMBO.

  9. If Cynthia and Nene didn’t fall out, I wonder how many of you Nene fans would still be bashing Cynthia right now. I watched last night and it looked like Porsha tried to knee Cynthia in the face before she kicked her. They need to go ahead and air the whole thing in full!

    1. Omg, why do Kenya’s crazy stans always bring up NeNe? You all hated her so much but stay worrying about how the world would turn if NeNe were still on the show. Y’all talk more about her than Kenya.

      1. I don’t hate Nene. Check my comment history on here and you’ll see I have said many times she’s great for TV. All I’m doing is stating the truth about her fans on here. *giggles*

    2. So you’re just going to act like you Kenya stans ain’t on the Cynthia train because Porsha dragged your girl like a rag doll for the whole world to see and y’all are still mad about it? LOL.

      1. Why do I need to be mad about Porsha making a fool out of herself on TV? All Porsha did was show the world how ghetto, classless and ratchet she really is. Now she can’t secure anything beyond young and dumb athletes who can’t tolerate her for more than a month. She will never get a wealthy business man!

        1. Really. It seems like porsha is the one who got physical. Cynthia dismissed her repeatedly and she was still there in her face. At that moment forget why Cynthia was upset. Talk about it later when everyone is sober…. Like yea Cynthia over reacted for sure but the Bish at least WALKED AWAY! (something porsha should have done, especially when Cynthia asked her a billion times to “go over there”) Porsha got so mad cause she didn’t understand why Cynthia was so upset, she resorted in physical action cause that’s jus wat she does wen she’s mad. She has no other idea how to react to anger! That’s immaturity n ratchetness at the very least….

  10. She was drunk and petty. I don’t even know why Porsha went back there to try to talk to her after all that mess she said about her being dumb and a thot.

  11. She did everything to Porsha she called out Porsha for doing to Kenya. In a way, all this does is prove how hypocritical her and Kenya were when it all happened. They were acting like Kenya was such a victim and Porsha was too uncouth to be on the show. Now they are showing their true colors and they aren’t much better.

  12. Bottom line, Kenya was turning up and Cynthia felt the need to follow suit. Whatever Kenya does, she does like the weak a$$ bish she is. All that frustration from her husband ghosting her a$$ for 10 days built up and she took it out on the wrong person.

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