Watch: Kenya Moore Confronts Porsha Williams for Altercation with Cynthia Bailey + Porsha Isn’t Here for It

In a new preview of the upcoming episode, Porsha Williams meets Kenya Moore to discuss her blowup with Cynthia Bailey.

When Kenya brings up what happened at that infamous reunion and reveals she believes Porsha has a problematic history of violence, Porsha lets Kenya know that she doesn’t really feel like Kenya has any authentic compassion for her, and she should stay out of it since it doesn’t involve her.

In a confessional, Porsha says:

“I am totally expecting Kenya to give me one of her pageant speeches, ok? Why does she even have an opinion and pointing fingers in a fight she has nothing to do with?”


Check out the video below:

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  1. Kenya is just trying to flip this so she can blame it all on Porsha. Does she not know people see thorough her tired tricks now? Besides, anyone with a working brain could see Cynthia was the aggressor. Sit down Kenya and find someone else to leech on for a storyline.

    1. But the crazy thing is Cynthia already said she overreacted. So why won’t Kenya just shut the hell up and worry about that imaginary hair products line she has?

    2. How is Cynthia the aggressor when Porsha raised her knee up to Cynthia’s face first? Y’all need to watch part one again.

  2. Kenya always feels the need to insert herself into everybody else’s problems but got mad when Shamea came for her.

    1. Well who is Shamea? She’s a nobody and isn’t even getting paid to be there. At least Kenya has a peach and gets paid for everything she does. Queens don’t have to work for free.

  3. Dumb dumb is too ratchet to understand where Kenya is coming from. But I’ll be real and admit Porsha really isn’t at fault here. Cynthia is stressed out about her marriage and getting drunk only made her direct her rage for Peter to Porsha. She was wrong. End of.

  4. I guess Kenya is trying to brainwash her annoying little stans and make this all Porsha’s fault. Too bad it won’t work just like it didn’t work the last time. Kenya needs to just give it up. She’s been transparent for a good minute now and most of us know better.

    1. Why does she have to brainwash us when we easily saw the truth for ourselves? Porsha does have a history of being violent. She should have been removed from the show after she assaulted Kenya.

  5. This is one of the many reasons why I stand Kenya she know damn well she ain’t trying to help Porsha. Kenya and Porsha don’t like each other and will never be friends why is Kenya trying to front. I would rather a chick let me know she don’t like me ain’t feeling me than a fake chick claiming to want to help me knowing damn well that really isn’t the case that’s exactly what Kenya is doing with her fake a-s and Porsha called her on it. Because if you will fake with a enemy you will fake with friends Kenya can’t be trusted.

  6. I wish Kenya would sit her thirsty a-s down somewhere. Maybe if she put as much focus as she puts into being a washed up reality star into her flop a-s businesses, she wouldn’t have ever needed to be on the show in the first got damn place. Every damn time she sees Vanessa Williams booked on a real show or movie, I bet she weeps. That sh-t has to hurt.

  7. Ughhh Kenya as usual is being a Miss Busy-NObody cause why??? she has no storyline and she needs to attach herself to mess so people won’t forget that once again….she has no storyline LOL

  8. Kenya is just stating the truth as usual. Porsha needs to be removed from the show. It’s been ratchet since her first episode.

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