Keke Palmer Takes a Bold New Approach to Relationships

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Keke Palmer had folks thinking she had a budding romance with R&B singer August Alsina after a tweet, but it was later revealed they had nothing going on more than a friendship.

Not too long after that Keke got caught up in some drama as she promoted her movie with Cory Hardrict (Brotherly Love), and people starting speculate there was something going on between them.

It also didn’t help that Tia Mowry seemingly shaded Keke on Twitter amid all the drama.

Cory and Keke denied there was anything going on, and Keke appears to be enjoying the single life.

But in an interview, she revealed she has a very different approach to s*x and relationships these days.

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  1. So in other words, she wants to be promiscuous? I really don’t understand why this generation of young ladies seems to think promiscuity is the necessity to owning your own body. And if you are sleeping with multiple people at one time, the have a right to know. With all these diseases out here, people need to know what you’re doing when you’re not laid up with them.

    1. And that’s what I got from what she was saying…..she tryna be Rihanna….she’s young tho. I was doing the most around that age as well. Hopefully she’s being safe out there cause she is gonna do what she wants to do….she’ll change up her thinking at 25 and then 30. Let her get all her “freedom” out now cuz to be an old Thot is not a good look LOL

  2. She’s young and going through that rebellion stage. In the real world, juggling multiple people at the same time and a full time job is very stressful to do. That’s why so many men calm down in their 30s. LOL.

  3. And this kind of mentality is why HIV is at a all time high. Her thinking is off because if the roles were reversed and she was messing with a guy and that guy messing with another guy she wouldn’t be cool with that. But according to her dumb a-s thinking he doesn’t have to be upfront he just being free smh.

  4. Girl shut the f-ck up. You don’t know sh-t about life, s-x and relationships yet until you at least turn 25. And honestly, you don’t know who the f-ck you really are until you’re 30.

  5. I can’t tell a grown woman how to live her life but Keke sounds a little lost to me. It’s like she’s trying to appear like she’s deep but you can see she’s still trying to find herself.

  6. She’ll learn eventually. She’s at the age where she’s probably going to make a lot of mistakes. Hopefully she learns from them and really finds herself.

  7. Sometimes you should just do you and not explain. I’m almost certain this interview will resurface later on down the line.

  8. Wait What? What is wrong with people now a days. All of a sudden no one wants a label. Ok, I get it, some things should not have a label but then there are some that require you to just pick a damn side. Come on stop running from life and choose a side. It’s like when sh* don’t go the way you think it is supposed to be; then it’s all the reteric conversation to attempt confusion of others. We see you. Claim grown, then be grown…own up to what you are doing, trying to do and call it what the hell it is. If it is a duck, it is a duck. Don’t say why do we have to call it a duck when we clearly see it is a duck.

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