Porsha Williams Calls Kenya Moore Toxic

In her new Bravo blog, Porsha calls Kenya toxic and explains why she feels the former beauty queen is very hypocritical.

She writes:

…I hate to say it, but it’s as if Kenya loves it when something bad or negative happens in someone’s life. She gets so excited to exploit any negativity or pretend she is a friend, ultimately intending to manipulate a situation. At the end of the day, Kenya is out for Kenya. I agree with Kandi 100% that Kenya needs to start taking responsibility for her own actions. The same way I have done. I have apologized to Kenya, yet she continues to scream from the roof tops that I haven’t taken responsibility for my part in our encounter last year. She is always pointing out the flaws in all of us, but never recognizes any flaw in herself. Have you ever had someone in your life that would pretend they had your back or wanted good things for you? Someone who pretends that they were a peacemaker or someone you could talk to? Kenya is toxic. This is the same woman who had a megaphone and held a metal scepter in my face throughout an entire reunion and provoked me to the point of no return. I often feel that Kenya wants to see me fail and doesn’t have my best intentions in mind. This will never happen, because no one can take away what God has in his plan for me, and I won’t give her the satisfaction. And as for Kenya making reference to shielding pregnant Kandi away from me, let’s all remember Kenya threatening Phaedra, who at the time was 8 months pregnant at the Season 5 reunion. Kenya’s the one who said to Phaedra, “Don’t be disrespectful, because you will be picking up your teeth off the floor, pregnant and all.” How sad. Let’s all lift her up in prayer…

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    1. I’m willing to bet you’re a Kenya stan and that’s what makes this so hilarious. You need to pay attention to the fact that Kenya has literally had her hands in all the drama that’s happened since she came on the show. That’s no coincidence.

        1. And lying, psychotic husband chasing Mold Manor resident has a moral ground to stand on? Please, if Porsha is a low class hoodrat, Kenya is an unstable, sociopath who thrives on drama and inventing fake relarionships.

  1. I’m sure Kenya’s messy a-s knows she ain’t sh-t. But when you’re as washed up as she is, you will do the most to keep those checks coming in.

  2. I agree with everything Porsha said Kenya so full of sh-t. Now when Porsha got in Cynthia’s personal space she deserved to be kicked but when she got in Porsha’s personal space and got dragged that was wrong. So considerate about a pregnant Kandi and so anti violent but had no problem threatening a pregnant Phaedra. This is who y’all stan for team twirl a walking hypocrite with no credibility.

    1. Aren’t most of your comments on here in defense of Kenya? I mean look at your screen name. LOL. Don’t be a hypocrite sweetheart.

  3. I like Porsha. I really do. But I can’t lie and pretend she doesn’t have an anger problem. Guys she has assaulted like 3 different people since she’s been on housewives. That’s not a red flag to y’all?

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