Spike Lee Defends Putting Nick Cannon in ‘Chi-Raq’ + Slams Gang Members

Spike Lee went all the way off during his recent interview with Sway Calloway.

On casting Nick Cannon, he says:

“For the rappers from Chicago…’Nick Cannon’s soft! Nick Cannon’s white bread! He’s too clean cut!’

“And here’s the thing that’s really sick…’Nick Cannon’s not a savage!’

“Is that the new norm for the thugs in Chicago? To be a savage? That’s what we aspire to? To be a savage? I should not cast Nick Cannon because he hasn’t killed anybody? Cause he doesn’t have no motherf*cking bodies on him? Is that what it’s coming to? I’m not going for that bullsh*t. There’s nothing commendable about being a savage. That’s not who we are. I don’t care. You should not be getting props for how many bodies you got…how many people you killed. There’s nothing fly about that sh*t. That sh*t ain’t hip. And it’s not cute. And it’s not being a man. If you think that’s being a man…how many bodies you got, then you have a problem!”

Check out the interview below:

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