Watch: Yandy Talks Almost Leaving Mendeecees for Getting Another Woman Pregnant

While chatting it up with Tara Wallace over her messy situation with Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz, Yandy says:

“Even Mendeecees and I…we were broken up for a while. And he started dating someone else. And he came back and told me that person got pregnant and I thought my world was over.

“This is before Omere, and I said we don’t have any children together…let’s be apart.

“And he consistently, ‘No. No.’ And was very, very clear that this is where I wanna be.”

Check out the video below:

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    1. She is….she is dumber than Amina…cause at least Amina got loser Peter to marry her and it didn’t take her a bunch of yrs either……shows how much Peter values Tara…she is only good enough to sleep with & knock up. But then I heard that Tara took Peter from some1 else so this is her Karma. And I feel like Yandy got her Karma cause I think she slept with Jim Jones she was doing too much when Chrissy & Jim was on there…

  1. So the other woman, Erica son is older than Omere?? Cuz him and Omere look to be around the same age….hmmmm or did the other chick if not Erica get rid of her baby???? So confused right now lol

    1. It’s a fishy situation. I’m starting to think Yandy is lying about the time frame and he cheated while they were together. But admitting that would be bad for their brand.

      1. Me too….either he cheated on her while she was pregnant or right after Omere….it all just sums up to them being together and he cheated and went raw smh. And protecting her brand?? She got wit, had kids out of wedlock and eventually married a hood dude who use to hustle….which every1 knows…like how much worst could they look lol

  2. Does Mendeecees not like wearing condoms? If they weren’t broken up long, it didn’t take him long to raw dog with the next chick. That’s crazy.

  3. Tara is stupid… She claim she don’t care about Pete, but every other word is about him playing with her emotions. Girl sit down. If it was all about the kids then your feelings don’t matter girl. And if you truly moved there for the kids then you wouldn’t care if Peter and Amina were together or not. Hell, Amina would be my new babysitter hunty!!

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