Don Juan Doesn’t Need Kandi Burruss’ Money

On the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Don Juan happened to catch Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams discussing Phaedra’s fallout with Todd Tucker over money.

Todd claims Phaedra owes him some money for a DVD he filmed for her, and he’s been pushing Kandi to collect what he’s owed.

But when Don Juan stumbled onto a conversation Porsha and Phaedra were having on the subject, he made it clear that he thinks it was phony of them to discuss the matter behind Kandi’s back.

While some viewers are siding with Don Juan, some have been slamming him on social media and suggesting he’s only protective of Kandi because she’s his “meal ticket.”

Don Juan finds that to be hilarious (read tweets from top to bottom):

don juan twitter

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  1. Does Kandi not sign this man’s checks? Ok so she is his meal ticket and that’s why he stays up in her business. He doesn’t want anyone to mess that up for him.

  2. Like he would really admit it. Don Juan been messy and manipulative look how he stayed disrespecting Todd in the beginning. Or when Kandi and Todd got engaged he tried to make her feel guilty telling her how she going to change once she got married. Instead of being happy for Kandi he was just worried about his own job security I been knew what was up with him it’s just more obvious now. Kandi is so stupid all the people she claim she trust so much are all taking advantage of her Don Juan,Carmen, Todd, Mama Joyce.

  3. There’s no need to lie when his whole life and career is centered around Kandi. I mean he’s even turning up so she can keep her peach.

    1. They are only mad at him because he dragged their favorite hood rat and criminal (Porsha and Phaedra). Don’t pay it any mind.

      1. But sis, y’all are only mad at Porsha and Phaedra because they dragged Kenya two seasons ago. LOL.

      2. Nope that’s not true he is messy and manipulative. Come on now twirl can you honestly say Don Juan isn’t messy. Furthermore he had no right to insert himself into something that has nothing to do with him. Y’all so use to Kenya and her antics I can’t say I’m surprised you don’t see through another messy and manipulative person just like Kenya.

  4. If i was a guy I could never be married to Kandi.they stay bullying Todd over nothing. I would cussed out the entire staff and family and left her

  5. Kandi is too old to let all these people fight all her battles. If it ain’t her mama, it’s Don Juan. If it ain’t him, it’s Carmen. I mean my Lord she should sit back and question why she needs so many bodyguards at her age. Put on your big girl panties and fight your own battles.

  6. He is trying way to hard to keep his job. Like he would annoy me if I was Kandi, especially at that video shoot. I mean don’t get me wrong good friends do want to look out for you especially if you are pregnant but he didn’t seem genuine. He think acting this way will not only guarantee him on the show but maybe gain some popularity among the viewers..but from the comments and tweets I’ve been reading so thought wrong

  7. Ok , I know I’m not the only one who notices that Kandi always gets super nasty with Porsha whenever she feels that Porsha is siding with Phaedra on anything . She’s clearly jealous of their newly found bond , she was just as jealous when Mrs .Leakes and Phaedra bonded . Yet , she says NeNe is territorial.. Don Juan is a full time cheerleader with benefits .THE END LOLZ

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