Naturi Naughton Wants People to Stop Frontin on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Power” actress Naturi Naughton’s acting career is in a very good place, but she can’t forget about her humble beginnings as a former member of 3LW.

While being in the girl group, Naturi claims she suffered from very low self-esteem because she was mistreated by the rest of the group.

Nowadays she has a healthy dose of self-esteem, but she wonders if too many are seeking self-esteem and validation from social media.

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  1. Man if this wasn’t on time. There’s some people I’m friends with on Facebook who annoy me so much but I don’t say anything because it’s not my place to call them out for being posers. All I know is it’s crazy to see likable people in real life be so unlikable on social media.

  2. She is right I always see people on IG or facebook frontin like things are one way when I know for a fact they aren’t living what they are portraying. I say nothing because it isn’t my place but it shows you how much people live for social media gratification.

  3. Agree 100%!! It’s ridiculous and making so many superficial and ignorant to what’s really important.

  4. Ladies , I’ve NEVER had any social media accounts ever . My family and longtime friends are baffled by my resistance to it because they’re so caught up in that bs . Then I get this ” but you’re so pretty” all the time like that’s going to sway me lolz .I’m extremely private , my hubby doesn’t do social media either, never has . I don’t allow people to post me nor my children on there . If I want to be bothered , I’ll find you because I’m sure you have social media accounts . I can’t tell you ladies how many times I’ve went on people’s accounts , only to be disgusted by them perpetrating , bullying , and grandstanding . Certain females/males I know , on there telling in great detail , about their sexual escapades to upset their exes , their exes’s new partners ,or simply out of desperation . That’s how I know I’m not missing ish , social media does more harm than good nowadays , morally corrupt people have zero boundaries . Smdh

    1. I agree with you. The fights are humiliating. I do have social media accounts to promote my businesses or things I would like to share. I never use it to fight, show off my booty shorts (if you can call it that these days) or my husband. I’m okay with people sharing laughable cute moments or even new experiences of their life as long as it is respectful. The fakeness i can do without like everytime you are on there you are saying you are out of the country, or you have all LV luggage (9 pieces) and yet you have no job. You are wearing everything namebrand (the high end of names) and yet you live in an income driven apartment for low income families and you drive a 300 Chrysler but tricked it out to look like a Bently. Makes absolutely no sense.

  5. Yes, say that. I am going to have to frame this and send to a few people privately. I absolutely agree whole heartedly! Hammer to the Nail!

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