Cynthia Bailey Wouldn’t Leave Peter Thomas If He Cheated on Her

During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Cynthia Bailey explained why cheating isn’t something she feels is divorce worthy if it happens just one time.

When discussing the infamous video that caused a rift in their marriage, she says:

“Number one, I don’t think there was more to the story with the video. I just think my husband is very comfortable. Very social, very accessible because of our businesses and he’s friends with/talks to people that come to our businesses … I think it is what it is. I don’t think Peter’s ever cheated on me. And if he did cheat on me and I found out, and I knew that he definitely cheated, I don’t know. I could say, ‘Oh my God I would leave him if he did that’, but you know a lot of marriages have survived infidelities and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I don’t think it’s a great situation, but I can’t say I would just throw in the towel over one issue. Now if he’s just cheating on me all over the place and it’s just what it is, then obviously that’s just disrespectful and that wouldn’t work.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. He probably did cheat mad times already. She sanging a diff tune cause he must’ve laid down that Disney pipe. Another thing she’s an Aquarius it’s hard for us to let go and move the hell on….we gotta get hit in the head or somethin. Too damn loyal at times

    1. Loyal , not stupid… I’m an Aquarius too , Cynthia is embarassing to my Zodiac on many levels .I’m head strong , Cynthia seems weak minded at best..

  2. It’s her life but I wouldn’t deal with a cheater. It’s 2016 and too many risks come with that like STDs and lots of heartache. No thanks.

  3. I really do not cut for Cynthia, but I think her answer is more realistic than most words out of someone’s mouth. Many people have had cheating in their relationship some 1 time and some many times. For majority most will say they will leave and they don’t. Realistically when the heart has had enough cheating or whatever the issue is then and only then most will walk away. So I do agree with her.

  4. I have never stayed with a man after he has cheated on me. Even once. And I’ve had so called friends tell me it was just once and I should stay! LOL! I think women and men like Cynthia stay because they don’t really believe a person can be fully committed and faithful. I have never believed that bullsh-t and I’m glad I didn’t because I would have missed out on my husband. Cheating is always a choice. And stats show if someone cheats once, they will more likely do it again. But judging by who Cynthia married, it makes sense she has this belief. You attract what you deem ok and “normal.” Never settle ladies. God is too big for y’all to be settling for mediocrity! I’m out!

    1. “I have never stayed with a man after he has cheated on me. Even once. And I’ve had so called friends tell me it was just once and I should stay! LOL! I think women and men like Cynthia stay because they don’t really believe a person can be fully committed and faithful.”

      Bingo! I’ll also add the Law of Attraction is very real.

  5. In all reality , I’ll say that the majority of people who claim to not have been cheated on , simply don’t know that they have or don’t want to believe it . Cheating has many layers..the majority of people cheat in one form or another period .When I was younger , I’d put up with bs because I was infatuated and didn’t know who I was as a woman yet .Now that I’m a mature woman , I have zero tolerance for cheating . I’m an Aquarius also , Cynthia isn’t nearly as head strong as I , I’m loyal not stupid! Aquarians aren’t desperate for affection and need our space unlike certain needy Zodiacs . Gemini is very similar to Aquarians .Our love is hard to get , but once you have it , we tend to be life time partners if the relationship is worth holding on to .Cynthia has easily left many men like Aquarians will , Leon even said that.. Peter has some type of hold on her( atleast publicly).However; they never seem to spend time together , how are they gonna reconnect? Cynthia isn’t being completely honest ladies , Aquarians are very intelligent..She knows he’s cheated , but is grasping to save face . All my fellow Aquarians that I know are very head strong..She’s coming off as weak minded .Smdh

  6. I’ve been married for a long time. I’ve watched some people divorce around the same age as me. Cheating happens a lot, but that’s because a lot of people think cheating is just what people do by nature. That’s not the case. People cheat because they want to cheat. It’s all about selfishness. So staying with someone because they do it “once” doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. It also doesn’t make you a better person or more mature. To be honest, it’s just a matter of time before they cheat again because a lot of people enjoy cheating and having options on the side. I tell all women to be real with themselves. If you’re ok with a man lacking enough respect for you to be faithful, by all means stay. But walking away is an option as well. Most people don’t just cheat one time.


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