Watch: The Second Half of RHOA Season Eight Gets Intense

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been getting mixed reviews on social media from loyal viewers, and some suspected the slow pace is a result of NeNe Leakes’ absence.

But now that the OG will return in upcoming episodes, some are expecting the drama to pick up.

And with the new trailer of the second half of the season now making rounds in the media, it appears NeNe isn’t the only one bringing the drama.

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  1. And this is why Kim should have never signed up for this. Now her marriage is being torn to shreds so Kenya can have a storyline.

    1. Kenya will throw anyone under the bus for a storyline. Her mom knows this as well and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons she didn’t answer the door for her.

  2. So basically the season doesn’t get good until Nene comes back. Well I figured it would be this way. Anyway, the trailer looks promising. I’m ready.

  3. Kenya is disgusting. She still hasn’t learned to stop poking bears. She’s lucky Kim didn’t slap her for pulling out her chair like that.

  4. Kenya is a fking bully but I’m waiting to hear one of her tired a-s, delusional stans explain her being justified for pulling out Kim’s chair.

  5. Looks like it’s going to be a messy second half. Kenya is bullying Kim though. I guess she didn’t learn from that dragging Porsha gave her at the reunion.

  6. I see Cynthia is still flip flopping. Kenya was there for her after Nene dumped her like trash but that doesn’t matter now that Nene is back.

  7. Kandi and Todd are fools for hiding Apollo’s stuff. And in the next breath, Kandi will say Phaedra is the shady one who can’t be trusted.

  8. See this is a prime example why Kenya got her a-s drug across that stage. She always crosses the line bad enough to insinuate her husband is gay but to try to pull Kim’s chair like that is enough to warrant getting her a-s kicked. Kim had every right to whoop her a-s right then and there. Lol Cynthia backtracked real quick. Kandi and Todd so stupid they think Phaedra so bad but Apollo the one that has conned and manipulated them. They got exactly what they deserved for the feds raiding they house. Kandi so stupid still trying to blame Phaedra for everything like nobody knew they were storing Apollo’s things. How dumb can you really be the man owes restitution for his crimes anything he owns the Feds will seize no matter how small it is. So that means Phaedra was telling the truth when she said the Feds were looking for his stuff from a clip I seen a couple of months ago.

  9. This season has been so boring but now I’m excited about watching the rest of the episodes. Nene is really needed.

  10. Now I will watch on time again . The QUEEN HAS RETURNED LADIES . Ok , I know noone on here was silly enough to believe that Cynthia and Kenya were ever really friends..Cynthia always held NeNe up with high regards , until she flipped on national tv over an already settled issue..NeNe wasn’t the most respectful friend to Cynthia on another token , she’s terrible at digesting constructive criticism ..Kenya made that disaster of a boat ride , a foolish dedication to Cynthia’s marital issues , which embarrassed the heck out of her btw . Ladies , for Kenya to be weak as crapt , she loves picking a fight . She has an alleged history of violence towards the men she’s ” actually dated” lolz , and loves to spin that victim isht . I’m not sold on that new situationship of her’s and that broke looking trainer’s either..If she wants kids , she’s gonna need to adopt , watch .Kim should have never done this bs period , she’s the classiest woman on there , and sticks out like red at a funeral . Kandi wasn’t a loyal friend to Phaedra , she’s seething over NeNe’s and Porsha’s bond with her . I’m glad the feds raided their home , bih should have never allowed Cryptonida’s crapt to be hidden there , because that’s what they did , hid it . We all knew NeNe was always the foundation of this show , only the deluded has denied that . Dust off the stored crown , THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED LOLZ . Sidenote: Isn’t it funny how NeNe’s presence alone makes everyone put their best foot forward..Bye hataz .

    1. Girl Preach!! Lol funny how Kenya always thought she can replace Nene… She had half a season to pop up but.. nothing!

      The QUEEN IS BACK! Now I’m gonna watch

  11. Why is Kenya going so hard at Kim? Is she jealous Kim was able to have a successful acting career while she could really only get non speaking roles and straight to DVD films?

  12. Kim is seeing now that she made a big mistake doing RHOA. Maybe she needed the money but this ain’t the right platform for her. Now she will walk away embarrassed because they will fire her after ruining her marriage. It’s the Bravo way.

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