Damon Dash Has Some Words for His Cousin Stacey Dash

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stacey Dash has been making headlines for her comments on the Oscars boycott and she stated that she feels black people shouldn’t boycott the Academy as long as they have the BET Awards.

As a result, Black Twitter has been dragging the FOX news pundit and now her cousin Dame Dash is adding his two cents.

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  1. And not one lie was told. Stacey’s time will come. And she will get some good karma for all the BS she’s been talking.

  2. Damn he went in. I wonder if Stacey will clap back at him like she did BET. I doubt it though. She doesn’t want it with Dame. He would embarrass her.

  3. No lie was told. Stacey needs to get some therapy. She hates being black and white people are cashing off on her self hate.

  4. Dame spoke the truth I’m sure he still loves his cousin but made it plain that her voice alone is not so relevant as it does not represent the present generation

  5. Dame gave that thang a laced lynching lolz . I’m glad he didn’t hold back on her miniscule azz , I bet she’s seething at the truth . Bish literally attacked the hand that fed her for years , BET . What’s with all this “integration not segregation ” rhetoric from her ?? She’s completely segregated her biracial heritage , as she doesn’t even sound self assured when she refers to herself as a “black woman”. Insecure azz black pawn , in a fixed , white washed game..She’s certainly “Clueless” alright .

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