Watch: The Housewives Call out Cynthia Bailey

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” is kicking things up a notch in its eighth season, and with the return of NeNe Leakes during their Jamaica trip, the drama is only going to intensify.

Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore have formed a friendship in NeNe’s absence, but now that NeNe has returned, Cynthia may be backtracking on her relationship with Kenya.

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    1. Cynthia’s strategy has always been getting close to whoever she felt could keep her on the show. It is what it is.

  1. Welp we told the twirl stans Cynthia would flake out on Kenya eventually. But they didn’t want to believe it.

  2. You don’t discuss your marital problems with someone you’re “STILL trying to get to know” (after 4 years? girl bye)let alone allow them to intervene and step to your husband. I wanted to choke the sh-t out of Cynthia last night.

      1. This is hilarious considering how y’all kept running around saying Cynthia and Kenya’s friendship was realer than the one she has with Nene and Nene was sooooo jealous. What happened? LOL.

    1. The only thing Cynthia accomplished was AGAIN letting Nene make her look STUPID. Kenya needs to let cynthia and Nene have each other ca use neither of them no how to be
      a real friend

  3. See this doesn’t move me at all , I’ve never heard fluid say that scratch and sniff was her bestie . I know a broken crutch when I see one . Tbh , NeNe should tread lightly with fluid..If her reunion stunt is any future indication on what’s to come out of desperation , she’ll flip on any beeshy on there . Fluid and Scratch Off just never had that bestie bond .Scratch doesn’t know how to truly be a bestie to an actual vagina having woman , no offense Brandon . #OneGoodJudy #RespectThat

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